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s/v Code Blue – Bora Bora & Schedule to NZ August 11, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.
Steephead Parrot Fish

Steephead Parrot Fish

Code Blue Followers, 8-10-14

We’re at Bora Bora Yacht Club. This is really a nice restaurant mostly and has several rooms for rent. The water is deep here in the 80 to 90 foot realm. We tried calling the YC but no response. Another cruiser called us back and said to stop by their boat before we go in to the YC. We found a mooring ball that s/v Adina pointed to, then headed over to them after settling in. They shared the WiFi password with us as it’s free. The moorings are free if you don’t ask about paying for them as other cruisers have done, with a payment of 1500 CPF. “A don’t ask, don’t pay policy.” They don’t come around and collect or ask at your meal or drink.

Rhapsody, A-Train are here, Green Panther is at the south end of the island. Friday night was busy with the young crowd. Saturday they had a reservation open at 8:30pm. We tried at some other restaurants for an earlier time but a wedding filled one place up, the other had an 8pm opening but meant taking a dinghy ride into town for only a ½ hour gain in time. We were able to Skype my brother with my Alfa at the restaurant. Not the best service at our meal. and lamb chops with rice were voted the best dinner that s/v A-Train ate. We had mahi mahi and a shrimp/scallops salad.

Diving has been pretty good with Top Dive as I’ve finished off my 20 dive card with 5 of them here in Bora Bora. Manta rays, spotted eagle rays, lemon sharks, black tip sharks, several kinds of fish of course. They sell Go-Pro Hero 3 for about 620 CPF, about $725.

Our camera has about a 3 second button push to capture time frame so not good for fish pictures. Maybe a Go-Pro in the cards when we get to American Samoa. Not the best pictures below but the manta ray shots were in milky soup water at times, these seem to be the best. These clams are the famous ones that get to be about 3 feet or better across. Mike of Sea Hunt days had a show on a divers leg being captured by one and drowned as I remember. The big ones are slow to close, so I vote no way. Their mantles are very colorful, greens, browns, & blues like in this blue case. I believe this is a Steephead Parrot Fish, very colorful also.

We’re getting ready to take off tomorrow to Maupiti Island, a small island about 30 miles away to the west. We can see it from Bora Bora. Maybe another one west of that later. We plan to eat at Bloody Mary’s Restaurant which is a reunion from 2005 tonight. Land email not likely for a while after Bora Bora.

ISLAND SCHEDULE for Code Blue (subject to Change of Course)

Cooks probably Rarotonga, & Palmerston maybe.
American Samoa & Samoa
New Zealand about November 1st or before. This plan is about 3000 miles total from Bora Bora.

I’ll try to send some Bora Bora land shots before we leave.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Bora Bora








1. Marie & Greg - August 11, 2014

We biked around Bora Bora in 1987 with the group from Club Med…The worst bikes in the world!!!! Wow…you are covering lots of territory. Stay safe both under and above the water. Marie & Greg

2. Pam Driscoll - August 11, 2014

I love hearing from you two, I look forward to the pictures!

3. Linda Youngs - August 11, 2014

Steve and Judy, Tell us how you like cruising, island hopping etc. Are you meeting interesting people? Do you cruise with new friends? Etc. Best, Linda Youngs

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