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sv Code Blue – Maupiti – Pt 1 August 18, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.
Flat Rock with turtle carving

Flat Rock with turtle carving

Making a phone call 15th Maupiti

I needed to make a call to the northwest. Usually we use Skype. We went into the village to use the Poste Office WiFi as we thought that was all there was on this small island. The post office was closed due to religious holiday (strike 1). We went into the village office next door and noticed a WiFi modem so we asked if we could use the WiFi for a short Skype call, but it wasn’t working (strike 2). We noticed she had a cell phone on her desk, but we couldn’t use it either as it was a village official phone, only to be used for around the island village purposes (strike 3). We headed to the phone booth, but you need a special phone card that you can only get from the post office guys (strike 4). We went back to the office gal to ask if maybe some of the pension room places might have WiFi. Maupiti (Pop. 1200) is pretty small and no large hotels. She didn’t know, but said check with Pension Manu about 100 meters down the road to the south on the left side where there was a sign. She didn’t know the number.

Finally we saw the Pension Manu sign and a kitchen area out front. We asked about WiFi and she sent us to a lady in one of the rooms. There was a sign that said WiFi Hotspot WDG on the door window. We had already paid for one hour of WDG in Raiatea and had only used a few minutes of it. She cleared a small table and offered a chair. We made our call using Skype to the northwest. The lady I was trying to get a hold of was out to lunch but she was expecting my call and I was able to get some information from a co-worker and passed some info to the person via message plus an email confirmation note later. Maybe this wasn’t a homerun but pretty good, finally.

Bike Ride 16th —

The bicycle ride around the island on the 16th was fine for 2 ½ hours and maybe strengthened Judy’s knee. A hill on one end was a walk up and down for Judy as concern for the brakes on her rental expressed by the owner for four hours at 500 CPF. There is only one restaurant on the island. We had lunch afterwards, as they were going to be closed on that Saturday night. After getting back to the boat we took the dink to a nearby motu and walked along the island and sand bar.

Maupiti Petroglyphs – Turtles

When we first got into town 14th, we went for a walk on the road north as we had heard about some turtle petroglyphs. We were looking for Haranae Valley road. We couldn’t find it so asked a kid and showed him the map with Haranae on it. He sent us back to town as we’d gone too far. We finally found it further than where the kid was at a basketball court, past a church and left at a green house with a Petroglyphs sign. It wasn’t really a road, more of a track heading inland for 200m to a pumping station and a large flat boulder. There are turtle carvings on the flat boulder, then 250 feet up a trail there used to be a sign, now just a steel pole mounted in concrete. In the rocky creek bed left of the trail, but right of the creek there are some turtle petroglyphs. This took a while to find as we walked up the trail too far at first, plus not finding the trail from the road in the beginning.

Steve & Judy
s/v Code Blue





1. Marie & Greg - August 18, 2014

Thanks for the updates. What’s going on with Judy’s knee? Marie

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