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sv Code Blue – Maupiti – Pt 2 August 18, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.
Maupiti Pass from the mountain

Maupiti Pass from the mountain

Maupiti 8-14-14

When we left for Maupiti at 1:39am as we wanted to come into the Maupiti pass (Onoiau Pass) 75 yards wide, at sunrise, less current for getting in and we thought maybe less wind. It looked tough but we did it. No breakers in the pass. Maupiti is very nice once you get in, but we sure took notice of the waves as we were coming in. See pictures. Two catamarans are rafted up in front of us. After here we may go on to Maupihaa (Mopelia) about 100 miles west where the Taihaaru Vahine pass is 60 feet wide and current can reach 6 knots. We’ll see how the weather is, but there is not much to the island except remoteness as a cyclone wiped it out in 1998. I’m concerned about a vibration in our coupling area near the transmission. A-Train, Russ, and I tried to reduce this as much as we could in Uturoa, maybe 4 thousandths, but in motoring all the way to Maupiti we noticed coupling vibration near the tranny and high temps 115* F+, at the stuffing box. I checked this again, still the same.

Climbing up Maupiti 8-17-14.

Judy had a left inside knee ligament/tendon concern, but she felt good in the morning. It’s a 1250 foot climb to the top. We didn’t know much about the trail. As we got most of the way up we met a couple headed down about 15 minutes from the top they said. There were two rope climbs and one very steep hard section without rope ahead of us the gal noted. It took us another hour to get to the top. You’ll see some of the pictures from on top, like the pass. On the way down about ½ way, Judy’s knee was bothering her so we stopped a lot more for resting, 5 ½ hours total up and back. We had ½ a beer each at the boat as nothing is open on Sunday.



Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue




1. Marie & Greg - August 18, 2014

Oh…I answered my own question about Judy’s knee. I just go this second blog. Stay safe. Cute selfie of the two of you. Marie

2. Capt.JerrySte - August 19, 2014

Stay safe and watch that knee. Great pictures!!

3. Pam Driscoll - August 19, 2014

I love the pictures, and I will be praying for a quick recovery for Judy’s!

4. Linda Youngs - August 19, 2014

Great pictures. So glad things are going well. Linda Y

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