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Code Blue Followers: Aitutaki Island – Cook Island September 18, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.
Sunset on Atitutaki

Sunset on Atitutaki

Aitutaki, Cook Islands 9-18-14

We left Rarotonga on 9-14 at 6:06pm with 3137.9 engine hours, started sailing right from the harbor entrance so no miles showed up with a start of 11,161 miles. We needed four miles to motor as wind was light when we got to Aitutaki, and wanted to get in before high tide. 133 miles of sailing. Engine hours of 3139.1 for 1.2 hours of motoring. Heidi our windvane steered the boat most of the way while sailing with usually just our jib up. There was a very narrow pass of 40 foot wide and about 2 kts of current against us as we came in as the current was ebbing, but still going to high tide at about 2:30pm. We arrived at 1:50pm on 9-15 at our anchorage. When we anchored there was 10 feet of water depth and two stern lines out, to coconut trees.

Our lowest depth on the way in was 3.7 feet on sonar. Our sonar is about 2.5 feet from the bottom of our keel, so we had about 1.2 feet of extra clearance. We took the spot of a catamaran that had left earlier, so counting us there were 7 boats, 5 being monohulls in the anchorage. Pretty cozy in the anchorage, with one of the boats, Ingrid Princess anchored just outside the main harbor. Lots of help came from two dinghies taking our stern lines to the coconut trees.

We walked around the harbor area and ended up at Uncle Beno’s takeaway for fish and chips on 15th. There was lots of catsup and some tartar sauce with wahoo being the fish. On the 16th sprinkles and rain in the morning, we rented a motorbike for 24 hours to explore the island easier about 4pm. We traced most of the paved roads and a lot of dirt roads and trails. We made it to near the top of the island and walked the last bit up for the sunset the first day. On the 17th we motored around the island some more, visiting artisan shops, views of motus, another mountain top.

We hope to leave today, 9-18-14 for Palmerston Island in the Cooks, but so far Customs office is taking a lunch break and high tide is soon, if we miss we can’t get out.

s/v Code Blue
Steve and Judy






1. Marie & Greg - September 18, 2014

Thanks for the updates and photos. 1 1/2 foot clearance does not seem like much. Stay safe. Marie

2. Dale & Carolyn - September 18, 2014

Thanks for all the pictures & exciting info about your trip & we are are hoping you (Steve) are having a happy birthday today. Hi Judy!!
Dale & Carolyn

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