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s/v Code Blue – All Points Rally Pub Crawl at Vava’u, Tonga October 15, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2014.
Group Picture

Group Picture

All Points Rally Pub Crawl at Vava’u, Tonga

As part of the Blue Water Festival 2014, Oct 6th thru 12th, the Opua, NZ boat supply community put on a 5th Annual Opua Fancy Dress Pub Crawl in Vava’u, to promote their All Points Rally that starts Nov 12th.

We visited the following bars Friday October 10th and the like in Vava’u: The Pool Side Bar, The Beach House, The Dancing Rooster (AKA The Marina Wine Bar, AKA The Marina Bar), CocoNet Café, Bounty Bar, The Basque Tavern, and The Moteli. Here are some of the contestants.

We didn’t quite understand the Fancy Dress part, so we came in our Fancy tropical outfits. Throughout the night there were 100 free drink vouchers and prizes. As you go from place to place you follow a “Rubber Chicken” with a red light. Here are some of the contestants in their Fancy Dress. French Bugle Waiter, Spanish Beach Bum, Blondie and Batman, Oz Fosters Beer Couple, Caesar John Martin from Opua who led the group and handed out the drink vouchers, Friar who helped lead the group, Cousteau Diver (Winner for Fancy Dress Costume), Carolyn 8, Irish Musicians, Dark Friar, Pirate Waiter & Gypsy (Ted and Pam of s/v Roundabout II), Two Sombreros (Russ and Gwen of s/v A-Train, s/v Lumbaz Kids (This boat with their dinghy and parents helped us get off the sand bar in the passage channel at Aitutaki Island), Spanish Guitar Player, Orange Man, Tongan Bar Fly, Group Picture, and Follow the Rubber Chicken with Red Light. At first Judy didn’t want to do this Pub Crawl, but was won over by all the fun during the night.

Other events were put on, including a Hosea school, concert, lunch and dance program we visited, a rally race to another anchorage, prize presentations for the rally, Tongan dinner, dancing & Fire dance and talks on how to transit to New Zealand from Tonga among other talks.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Vava’u, Tonga

– S / J –



1. Marie & Greg - October 16, 2014

100 free drink coupons for everyone to share or 100 for each person? What a hoot it must have been. Stay safe. Marie

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