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s/v Code Blue – Rally Race, Go Kart Tour and Solar Farm October 16, 2014

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Beach view

Beach view

Rally Race, Go Kart Tour and Solar Farm 10-17-14

As part of the Vava’u Blue Water Festival they held a Rally Race, that we finally entered. The Rally Race was to Anchorage # 11, Tapana Island at Ano Beach from Vava’u on Wed Oct 8th,, about 13 miles by water. (Moorings/Sunsail sells a chart with anchorages by numbers as some of the names are hard to pronounce.) Normally we never enter races as our boat is slow with a 32.5 foot waterline and doesn’t go to weather great. At first we declined to enter, then we found out the race was free and lots of good prizes for almost every boat that entered. Plus we needed to get to anchorage # 11 anyway for the dinner and show. We ended up winning a Double Go Kart Tour worth 300 Tongan, ($150 USD) that lasted 4 ½ hours, after trading in the one we picked for a voucher they didn’t know where to redeem it, or what it was for and only worth $20 that no one had picked in an upside down blind display choice.

On Monday, Oct. 13th, we took the Go Kart Tour with two blokes who work from New Zealand. They had a couple of breakdowns. One in the middle of the tour with an electrical problem and they had another kart driven out to meet us so one of the guys could drive it out. We had some cute little visitors to help with the repairs the first time. Then towards the end, another kart broke its chain and was towed back in. We had some stops during the tour for beach views, view of fruit bats that eat the local coconuts when they are soft. Usually the bats rest during the day by hanging on trees and towards dusk take off for their favorite coconut stand. The bats in the pictures are near a grove of coconut trees. They are fairly good sized at about two feet of wingspan from what I could tell. We also stopped at a beach restaurant that Darren the tour guide offered to buy us beers, I think due to the delays from kart breakdowns. One of the guys had a Go Pro 3 camera attached to the kart.

Along the way home we stopped at a Solar Farm. There were 1680 solar panels of 305 watt size. For 512 KW power of DC. It also has 100KW of battery power with 120 x 908amp hour batteries. The solar farm was commissioned in November 2013 and provides about 31% reduction in diesel fuel from what was previously used. They are in the works to add additional panels right next door is what Darren said.

At the end I took a picture of dusty face Judy. Sometimes it gets pretty muddy on the course, but we encountered dust, although it has been sprinkling for several days once in a while. We took showers when we got back to the boat. They did have a hot water shower at Vava’u Adventures they offered up but it would mean going to the boat and coming back. We just heated up some water in a solar shower at the boat.


Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue

Vava’u, Tonga, soon headed to southern group, Tonga Tapu, then Minerva Reef for crossing to New Zealand and Opua, about an 850 mile crossing.


– S / J –



1. Marie & Greg - October 16, 2014

Definitely a fun tour. Different go-carts than Greg drives. These look like the Pilots and dune buggy type. Sorry we missed the adventure.

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