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s/v Code Blue – Vava’u to Port Mourelle, then to Lape Is, and now at Ha’api October 19, 2014

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Code Blue Folks, 10-20-14

We left Vava’u 10-17 at 4:14pm sailed a short distance to Port Morelle, mostly motorsailed total of 7 miles to a wind protected anchorage, arriving at 6:19pm. Nice anchorage. Judy and I worked on the hull to clean and get ready for transit to New Zealand. Took about 1 1/2 hours of diving, snorkel and working on the water line with the dinghy from both of us.

We left on Saturday the 18th, 2:59pm to Lape Island for another 4 miles of all motor, arriving at 3:48pm, this time as Judy wanted to get there in time for the village tour and how they make things such as Tapa at 4:30pm. Dinner starts at 5:30pm. There are 26 people who live on the island, 11 of them are children, and the oldest is an 85 year old lady. They have a school on the island plus another 11 children arrive from other islands. Once a week the Lape Islanders put on a feast for guests, there were 28 of us this night. It’s a way the island members can obtain Tongan dollars to buy things they need. The gazebo is the place we ate at. All the huts used to be similar to this one for living in. The roof needs to be redone every two years. Now they have regular houses to some degree with corrugated roofs that last a lot longer and somewhat cyclone resistant.

Sunday we readied the boat for transit to Ha’api. This is the middle group of islands of Tonga. We left at 4:33pm for an overnight sail with what was supposed to be 10 to 15 kts of wind. We sailed for 53 miles and then had to motor for a while to slow down as we wanted to see the coral and bommies in the anchorage at Ha’api as motoring started at 3:53am. Total mileage was 67 miles. Winds were mostly 20 to 30 kts. and we saw gusts to 34 and lumpy seas. Our water tanks were low so I started making water at 6am, we arrived at 9:20am near a village spelled Holopeka, a bit north of Pangai Village the main town. I continued to make water until 12:45pm with solar power. It’s mostly cloudy and still windy at 10 to 17 in the anchorage.

Tonga is close enough to the International Date Line that we are date line ahead here. Even though we are still in the Western Hemisphere at 19* 47.101′ S, and 174* 21.193′ W.


Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Ha’api Island, Next is Tonga Tapu, the Capital of Tonga, then Minerva Reef and New Zealand, starting with Opua.


– S / J –



1. Larry nelson - October 20, 2014

Steve and Judy,

We are enjoying reading about your trip. It is remarkable how similar it is to ours!

The hapai group is fun ,…the best part of Tonga. Watch out for bad fuel at nuku’alofa. We got polluted there and are still cleaning it out of our fuel system.

You are going to love New Zealand!

Best plan is a short stop at Opua then quickly move on to Whangarei. Try to get a berth at Riverside drive Marina.

Larry and Karen
SV Panta Rhei

2. Marie & Greg - October 20, 2014

How long do you expect the transit to NZ will take? Marie

3. pam driscoll - October 20, 2014

I love it when you add pictures ,it looks like so much fun! we just had the chowder cook off in Des Moines and a pig roast to benefit Northwest harvest, there were 40 of us at the dinner. I would love to be snorkeling in those waters you’re in!I love you two, take care, Pam

4. Susan - October 25, 2014

Hi Steve and Judy, you two look great! Glad you went to the Ha’apai group, wish we were there! We miss Tonga. Savor it.
Stay safe, fair winds!
(Speaking if winds we’re having a gale here tonight in Shilshole)
Susan & Ken

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