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Tonga to Opua Sailing Details, Now Whangarei December 7, 2014

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2012.
Winery - We went on a free winery tour and had lunch.  Kiwi birds lurk at night in the area and the winery.

We went on a free winery tour and had lunch. Kiwi birds lurk at night in the area and the winery.

Code Blue Folks 12-7-14

Here’s some detailed info on Nuku’alofa, Tonga to Opua, New Zealand

11/3 9:33am 12382 Left Nuku’alofa
9:53am 12382 Engine Off
11:00am 12390 Engine on
11:20am 12390 Engine off

11/5 9:35am 12640 Engine on
3:59pm 12673 Engine Off At Minerva Reef Total miles 291, sail 258, motor 33

11/5 4:34pm 12673 Engine on left Minerva Reef due to storm low coming in, no one there.
11/7 9:00pm 12919 Engine Off Motored 246 miles, 40 hrs 26 min.
11/8 9:00am 13060 – 141 miles in 24hrs Noon to Noon 13081 – 141 miles
11/9 9:00am 13208 – 148 miles in 24 hrs Noon to Noon 13226 – 148 miles
11/10 9:00am 13521 (-163 GPS error) 150 miles in 24 hrs, Noon to Noon 13539 (-163 error) 150
11/10 8:14pm 13576 Engine on Sailed 494 miles
11/11 4:23am 13626 Engine Off Motored 50 miles, 8hrs 9 min
11/12 1:18am 13746 Engine on Sailed 120 miles
11/12 4:00am 13756 Engine Off Motored 10 miles 2hrs 42 min – Inside of Bay of Islands to Q Dock at Opua, NZ

Minerva to Opua 920 miles 614 sailing, 306 motor

Total Nuku’alofa to Opua 1211 miles, 872 sailing total, 339 motor total

We went to sleep right away, then heard knocks at 8:30am. Customs and inspection folks.

We offered up some food we knew about and had claimed on our info sheet, but we forgot about a stalk of bananas that were in plain sight in a quarterberth, some spaghetti with meat in it that the dog inspector found, a cute blonde guy with padded paw booties. There was also some fresh tomatoes in the salsa they found. We claimed eggs but the guy missed the plastic egg container in the fridge so add another item to the dog. Bio Security took away all these items and the ones we claimed. We were a bit tired and missed some items. Very small ants were a problem on the boat. We destroyed the nest during the day in a hose in the lazarette a couple of weeks ago but a lot of ants were out crawling around. Inspection had the boat sprayed just to help matters along. Still we had a few ants persist.

Opua was great with welcoming parties, Sizzles with brats and beer several times from suppliers. We had Northland Spars and Rigging do some work on the boom gooseneck connection rebuilt along with the rod kicker vang with bushings, grease to mainsail, and forestay bearings and new lines for outhaul, main furler, and jib furler. Jib sheave needed to be rebuilt at the top of the mast.

Our berth bookshelf fell down due to overload of 97 pounds of books and underbuilt by Caliber Yachts, 14 years ago. This was during rough seas after leaving Tonga. So in Opua I was able to get some Rimu wood, much like Kauri to add two, two by four beams under the shelf with overbuilt cleats. The rimu wood looks a lot like teak after being varnished.

We left Opua on the first of Dec. and arrived in Whangarei on the third. We are now in Whangarei Marina, Town Basin on B dock. We are within walking distance to downtown and a lot of suppliers. Whangarei is the second largest city in New Zealand with about 54,000 people, so fairly good sized. They had a Meet and Greet welcome party last Friday. Laura Dekker was there with her book on single sailing at fourteen to England from New Zealand and completing around the world circumnavigation by 16 single handed that took a little over a year.
Web site http://www.lauradekker.nl/English/About_Laura.html

Our plan is to work on the boat some, tour around New Zealand hopefully with a van. Then head back to the South Pacific in May 2015. Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and American Samoa are on the list. For now we are living on the boat in the marina. Weather here has been warm with a few sprinkles once in a while, but mostly sunny. We’re headed to a BBQ potluck at another marina down the river about a kilometer called Riverside Marina this evening were some of our fellow boater friends are located. About 30 people showed up. Met Gary and Jan with a Hylas 49, 1994 and got a tour of the boat while in the yard next door. Maybe a week or two to go. They still have a dishwasher, household type, at the navigation station, just below all the wires and breakers. That’s one suggestion I’d make to change. They used to have a washing machine just to the right of the dishwasher. Nice boat over all.


Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Whangarei, NZ



– s / j –



1. Marie & Greg - December 7, 2014

Lots has been happening. Sounds like all safe and sound to tour NZ. Thanks for sharing and have a great holiday season. Marie & Greg.

2. pam driscoll - December 7, 2014

What a wonderful life you have! except for the ants! Your shelf looks fabulous Steve, and so do both of you! I’m glad you made it safe, love Pam

3. John - December 7, 2014

Congratulations on your travels. WOW New Zealand!!!
What a wonderful journey you both are on with awesome adventures. We have continued to enjoy traveling along with you. Hugs to you both and Merry Christmas and have a safe and wonderful New Year. Love John and Daleen

4. Cissy - December 7, 2014

Love hearing about your travels. Have a wonderful holiday!

5. Randy Pedersen - December 8, 2014

Love your reports! keep them coming and have a wonderful Christmas!

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