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Cyclone Pam Cat 5 I think at times March 15, 2015

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2015.

Code Blue, Folks 3-16-15

Lots of rain, we’re inland about 10 miles, at Whangarei, 15 by river
as it curves a lot. I saw only 19.8 MPH on the wind gauge, then
turned it off as only had 21 amps by solar power yesterday. Judy
thinks about 30 kts later in the night. Marsdon Cove had a reported
55 kts on the mouth of this river. This morning I was down -66 amps,
but already with the sun at noon we are -35 amps, so big improvement
and 33 amps coming in.
We had wonderful weather on Friday 13th in Auckland and visited the
Volvo Round the World Boats and such. We saw the video on the boat
Vestas Wind that ran into a reef in the middle of the night, that
lasted 15 minutes. They say they are going to rebuild the boat. 6.5
Million Euros to build new.

Coromandel area where were camping with the van got hit with 55 kts
and lots of downed power lines and outages.

Friends or ours Scott, Donna and daughter Celeste on s/v Celestial a
Bill Tripp 47′ from Seattle were last in Great Barrier Island down
south a bit and out to sea. I’ll send you their story as we know it
now. So far they are doing good but had lots of excitement. Here’s
his note to us.

Cyclones suck

What a night! the wind built all day yesterday and the rain came down in sheets. We were in a white frothy spindrift bay and all the sky above was a tapestry in scudding shades of grey. We had a treat just before sundown when the little blue penguins came swimming into our bay and all around the boat. It seems the hurricane winds and mountainous seas offshore, drove even these pelagic professional swimmers to find shelter. The wind all night was 35knts gusting 45 and built after 3:am to 45knts gusting 55. As the big gusts hit the boat would heal and everything not already secured would go flying.

It is now just getting light and its great to be able to see what’s going on outside. Its amazing how the impenetrable black of a cyclone at night can add to the sense of foreboding danger.

The wind has shifted to the South and West, we now have longer periods of relative calm followed by crazy fast hard gusts. Its like Randy Johnson is pitching condensed hard fast wind balls at the boat,some are like curve balls and hit Celestial from one side or the other. This is almost worse with the whole boat shaking and groaning as we face another day of the storm force winds that are predicted on the radio. So far my 3 anchors are holding and I shudder to think what will happen if one or more chafe thru or drag out of the bottom. More to follow, God is good!

Capt. Scott

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Whangarei, NZ


I got a speeding ticket via the mail for the van addressed to me, but we think Judy was driving. She says she’ll confess. 70 in a 50 KPH along Riverside Drive near the river here, from Feb 27th when we came back from camping in the van.

Steve and Judy



1. Marie & Greg - March 15, 2015

Thanks for touching base and letting us know that you two are safe. The description of riding out the cyclone does not sound like fun for your friends. Marie

2. Cissy - March 16, 2015

Glad all is well!

3. Sandy Blondino - March 16, 2015

So glad to here you are okay.

4. pam driscoll - March 17, 2015

That’s a lot of wind, I’m glad you made it through it safely! How many anchors do you have down? I’ve never heard of putting three down! What is it like a river going up the river, how wide is it? We are getting ready for Daffy Fest, decorating party every week for the boat parade at Tacoma Yacht Club. Glad you made it through that storm! Love, Pam

5. Daleen & John - March 23, 2015

Hello Steve & Judy, Goodness that is a bunch of wind. How are you all doing now. We have been on vacation with our kids and just returned home a few days ago. Don & Diane also say Hi

Daleen & John

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