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Code Blue – Minerva Reef then FiJi May 11, 2015

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2015.

Code Blue Followers 5-12-15 9am to 10am NZ Time

Due to wind direction and missing Minerva on the way down from Tonga we are headed there now. Three other boats are on the way in our general area. We have talked with Giggles, Blue Note, and Local Talent in the last 24 hrs on their way to Minerva also. Blue note is a 55 foot catamaran so already out of VHF radio range of 20 miles. He was cruising at 10.5 kts when he left us in the dust of doing 5 to 6 kts.

Sun Room report – We just had a small bird come into our cockpit with all the clear vinyl down except where he came in from the back. He then perched on a life line for a while after escaping. We are at S 30* 46.4′ and 177* 13.1′ so about 476 miles to go to Minerva and we left Marsden Cove about 353 miles back so I wonder if this little guy is going to make it back to land as it looked like a sparrow kind of bird, but a bit bigger and was able to hover pretty well and turn to head out of the sun room. It’s a bit different adjusting and working the sails with the vinyl down versus our normal open air we had before.

We’re having pretty good weather 20% cloud cover, lots of blue sky today, winds now in the 15 Kts area. New sails are working pretty good from Calibre Sails. We are having some electrical issues with our small Garmin GMI-10 wind display and Standard Horizon RAM-3 remote mic. The wind display for true and apparent wind did not work for a couple of days then started working from 2pm to about 8:30pm on Monday the 11th. When it was working the Environmental screen on our 740s chart plotter would not work for wind and direction. True and apparent wind speed and direction are much more useful for sailing the boat. Our radio issue is we turn off the radio and plug in the RAM-3 remote mic, then the RAM-3 turns off immediately. For a while we thought maybe these two problems were related. But Judy didn’t want to jinx the wind instruments when they were working. Now the latest. Since the wind display was not working we decided to try hooking up the RAM-3 as I was typing here. It is now working fine so far since she hooked up the RAM-3, then Judy checked the wind display and they are now working fine, plus the Environmental screen is up and running. Maybe we have a corrosion wire connection problem but when I checked the voltage last night it was fine. Just now Judy called on the RAM-3 and the wind display changed to the menu screen for night dimming setting. Our house bank is 12.5V per indicators at the nav station, per voltage on the 740s reading it is showing 12.2V on the sonar screen. So maybe we do have a voltage issue at the helm. To me these should read the same of 12.5V.

Hydralign propeller – I sent it off to Australia to get two new blades installed and balanced for 2,084 dollar OZ which is close to the NZ dollar. Before two blades had broken teeth gears, one each on each blade due to shifting from forward to reverse and reverse to forward too fast while in a 40 kt blow inside a marina in Mexico getting to a dock. It still worked fine until another tooth broke on one of the broken tooth blades, I think when we were stuck in a channel heading out of Aitutake Is. We filled out the 5 page paperwork the shipper gave us and finally two weeks later TNT shipper folks sent an email to me saying they needed another customs paper filled out. It hadn’t even gotten to Sidney yet. Time was too close to when we were leaving so I had them send it back to me. While it was coming back I found out about a machine shop in Whangarei, NZ that could fix it for $400 NZD about $300 USD and do it in a day. We did that and got it back the next day after I picked it up from the local shipper. It seems to work fine so far, since I put it on at Marsden Cove with a dive.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. Marie & Greg - May 11, 2015

Thanks for news. Marie

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