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Now At South Minerva May 16, 2015

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2015.

Code Blue Followers: 5-17-15 0830

We arrived yesterday 16th to South Minerva about 10:04 am. Six boats were in the area, three had just left and 3 catamaran’s were at anchor, Exodus, Field Trip an Et Voila just inside the pass as we did with winds from the NW. Brendan, Tim from Exodus and Theo of Et Voila were out diving the pass with an incoming tide. Later they came back with two grouper, one 31 pounds almost as big as Brendan it seemed that got it. They also gave us a good sized lobster we had for lunch. Later I went for a snorkel outside the pass, in the pass, and near our boat. Visibility was in the hundred foot area at least.

Mileage at Minerva is 4705, Marsden Cove was 3866 judy says for 839 miles and a lot by motoring. Since leaving Whangarei we had 3253.1 eng hrs, now at 3347.8 for 94.7 hrs. Last night we had a wind shift from NW to South. We had put out 150 feet in 35 feet, this was putting us length wise of the coral here, so we put down 50 pounds of kellet at just bottom level which was now 23 feet of depth to stop the slight dragging of anchor. At night we couldn’t see the shore/coral at 3 am but we could see it on our chart plotter. Only stars were out, no moon and the other boats had left for North Minerva. We had dragged about 25 feet before putting down 50 pounds of lead attached to the chain with a dive belt and a rope to retrieve the kellet. I also put a small float on the kettet just incase something happened that the web belt wore thru the chain or such.

Were headed to North Minerva soon. South Minerva is a coral reef in the shape of an 8 with a pass opening for the upper circle part from the west. North Minerva is more in the shape of a circle with one pass opening from the west. Winds are south 18 to 25 kts now Judy says which is about what they were doing last night.

Our cockpit enclosure is pretty good, like adding an extra room, but harder to control the sheets and see things. One electrical item, our Vesper Marine 850 class B AIS some how shuts down our wind instruments from working. So for the most part we keep it turned off. Took a while to figure this out. Also, our Ram 3 remote mic would shut down as soon as we turned on the breaker. Somehow it has been fixed by the boat elves. I think corrosion at a location somewhere that has gotten better. Watermaker is doing great but for a while I forgot to put back in the 5 micron filter when I pickled it in November.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
S 23* 55′, W 179* 07′
South Minerva, soon headed to North Minerva



1. Marie & Greg - May 16, 2015

Thanks for updates on location, etc. Marie

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