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Code Blue Followers – Life on the Reef, North Minerva May 18, 2015

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2015.

North Minerva Reef – 5-19-15

For the last couple of days I’ve set out a fishing line, even put a flying fish on the hook with the fake rubber white octopus. Today I left the line out while coming into the pass from South Minerva. Still no fish. Then went about setting up the anchor and such. Totally forgetting about the line out the back. Finally later in the evening before dinner we thought about the fishing line. All’s that is left is the snubber and a few shreds of line. It’s dark now, so I’ll wait until morning to check out the prop and shaft.

Three hundred pound test fish line of 100 feet looked like a tornado hanging off the propeller about a foot long and 3 inches in diameter with two lines caught on the the blades and the octopus bait line was wrapped on the shaft. I think I can salvage it for future use. At a going away party for Et Voila’ just about every boat admitted to several similar instances on their boats. Our bottom hull looks clean even after a month in ideal growth conditions in Whangarei on both regular ablative and Copper Coat.

Weather is a bit windy up into the 20’s for a while then back down to teens then back up again like now. Judy counted 12 boats in the reef including us. We can see eight of them with AIS showing their position and such, 9 counting us. One is a bit curious with no mast up and sails strung along the port side, it has a class B AIS, and the name is Ma’ara, 15 meters long from New Zealand. I’ll have to stop by for a visit and see what the deal is. It’s the closest boat to us at 702 feet. I put out 200 feet of chain in 32 feet. Seven of the boats are anchored close to the south shore as the wind is blowing from the south and we’re trying to reduce the fetch as much as we can. We had planned on BBQ with the lamb chops but cooked them on the stove with the wind. We’re starting to run low on fresh food stuff. It’s a 4 to 5 day run to Fiji from here in our boat. We don’t want to arrive on the weekend as you have to pay overtime for entering. They won’t let you anchor until Monday.

29 miles from south to north Minerva, 7 motoring, 22 sailing, 1048 to 1627 hrs, including anchoring and such. 1.9 hours of motoring, mostly due to pulling up anchor and getting out and in the reefs. Winds were in the right direction and mostly partly cloudy during the day. We created 129 amp hours with the solar panels. Temps are in the low 80’s.

Sailboat Ma’ara was anchored next to us. They lost their deck stepped mast overboard just before coming into North Minerva. #3 jib and 2nd reef in the main were up with a 525 Dufour, 50 feet. Jon from New Zealand is the owner. They came in just before we did by about a half hour. So had the same conditions of 18-24 kts and gusting to 30, with 3 meter seas. Four guys are in the boat, now headed to Fiji by motor. MMSI is 512004558, Call sign ZMU7020 with a class 2 AIS still working. They have a sat phone so all the families back home know what is going on.

Last night we were invited to our small anchor group (4 cats & 2 monos) party on Et Voila’ with Theo & Wanda. They are leaving for Savusava, Fiji this morning 19th. They have a 2012 Lagoon 450 with a lot of bells and whistles. Watt and Sea water generator, two wind gens, 600 W solar, 700 amp hrs of lithium Ion Phos batteries, Victron Energy electrical management system. This is a three cabin boat for one couple, so lots of storage available. Other boats attending, Exodus, Tim & Deanne; Field Trip, Mark and Sara; Caminante, Gustaf & Tina; and Lumbaz, Dani & Geni. Ten children were gathered from four of these boat on Lumbaz during our party. Nice to meet up with some of these people we haven’t seen them for a while. Lumbaz is one of the boats that helped us get off the sand bar in Aitutaki Is., Cook Is.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
S 23* 39′, W 178* 55′



1. Marie & Greg - May 18, 2015

Ahhhh…..fishing can certainly “catch” more than you wanted! Hope you can eat the next one! Thanks for the updates. Marie

2. John & Daleen Reed - May 18, 2015

Nice to hear from you. Glad all is good… Smooth seas – John and Daleen

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