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Code Blue – Followers – Dives at Minerva -Pass Pinnacle & Blue Hole May 21, 2015

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2015.

Just had a really good dive on the 19th at North Minerva pass point on a pinnacle. Water visibility was about 200 feet for the dive, then when I switched to snorkel the vis came down to 100 feet or so. Kind of weird with what seemed to be incoming tide change. We got 3 fish (mako jack, rainbow runner & great travally out of 4 guys (Brendan, Tim, Mark, and Gustav with spear guns via snorkel, but if I had a spear gun we could of had a lot more with my dive tank. I forgot to bring my new GoPro with me. 50 sharks, great trevally and several other kinds of fish. At least two saw a sea turtle in the pass.

Gustav on s/v Caminante II has a compressor but only for DIN connections, not standard American. So I’m able to fill up to two tanks anyway and to 3400 pounds of air for a 3442 # tank. Today the 20th we did another dive with Tim of Exodus, Mark of Field Trip, Dani and Geni of Lumbaz and Gustav of Caminante. On the outside not far from the pass entrance on the south. There is a blue hole that goes to 117 feet deep and 50 feet across then what looked like at exit to the sea but we were low on air as it was at the end of the dive so we just stayed in the main part. We saw mako jack, rainbow runner, a large emperor angel fish, sharks, some soft coral and sea anemone that had clown fish in them. The coral seemed to be in pristine condition. Water temperature was 76 degs F. Just before the dive we saw a large sailboat coming in. After the dive we noticed s/v Sarafin anchored nearby with 30 meters of length on our AIS and four spreaders.

Did a third dive just before leaving North Minerva. Judy did a snorkel. 200 foot vis. north pass area toward open sea. Heavy current when I came back to went shallow and used the whistle to let my pickup dinghy know my location. Now on the way to Fiji but only 30 miles for 9 hours. Plugging along at 3.5 to 4 miles per hour. Lots of stars out, light winds, light seas. Winds are supposed to pick up.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
S 23* 11′, W 179* 12′ midnight local time, 1238 UTC



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