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s/v Code Blue – From NZ, Arrived Fiji, Vuda Point Marina May 25, 2015

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2015.

s/v Code Blue Sailors 5-25-15

We arrived at a big ship yellow float outside of Vuda Point Marina at
9:43am on 25 May 2015. At 11:23 am we headed in to the customs dock
as the custom folks had finally arrived. We cleared customs 12:38pm.
We are at a Med tie #16A at 12:48pm stern to shore with a small deck
platform that sticks out about 8 feet that we share with the boat next
to us. Our stern swings 3 feet if you pull it toward the deck in
order to get on or off the boat. Customs was very easy, no boat
inspection or anything, just sign your life away with declarations of
yes and no on paper. We forgot to put up the yellow Q flag when we
came into the customs dock and probably should of had it up outside on
the yellow float. Fees were $182.50 Fiji Dollars (FD) for Health, Bio
security $89.70 FD. A Fiji Dollar is about about half the value of a
US dollar.

Light winds when we were coming in, later they were 15 to 20 kts,
evening they went down to almost nothing. There is about a meter of
tide here. We stopped in Minerva South 1 night that 5 boats were in,
but then they took off to North Minerva about 35 miles away. Then we
stayed at North Minerva 3 nights and then saw a good window to Fiji so
took off. Low 80’s, cooler at night. Water was 76 F to 78 in diving
for Minerva of which I did 3 great dives. Two in the pass area near a
pinnacle, one at a blue hole outside south of the pass. One of the
boats had a compressor so I got a fill to 3400 pounds for my steel
tank, but he only had a DIN connection. 200 foot visibility mostly.

12 boats were in the North Minerva area. We had a little party of 6
boats on a 45 foot Lagoon cat, Et Viola. Snorkels in south M. for
me, then also north M. Judy did a snorkel in North Minerva, in the

Problems with GPS antenna or something not working right, 25% increase
in log mileage versus actual mileage of mark to mark starting on the
23rd about noon with an 8,784 errant added mileage to our log mileage
at 12:30pm for a second. Then GPS not working for Open CPN, our Chart
Plotter, on the 25th. I think due to my tinkering with in and out
ports on the Garmin trying to switch to the internal GPS to get it to
work better. Weird stuff. Errant miles happened in Alaska a few
times we thought due to the mountains or canyons. Then in Mexico a
few times but only a few hundred miles each time for only a second or
so. Hot here in high 80’s during our first day. Same Time Zone. 680
miles of sailing from Whangarei, NZ to Vuda Point, Fiji, 726 miles of
motoring with 129.2 engine hours. Not a lot of wind and then when we
had wind, it was on the nose with 2 knots of current against us on the

Ingrid Princess, Ingrid 38′ ketch 1978, is here with Tracy and
Michelle. Tracy helped us in the Cook Islands when we got stuck in a
channel pass. Craig and Carol of s/v Wind Cutter with an Island
Packet 48′ from Mexico days are here. The six of us had dinner last
night at the Boatshed Restaurant here on the point. Alan and Laura of
Rhapsody, a Herreshoff Nereia, ketch 36′ 1981, are usually here as she
is the VHF net manager. They’ll be back in a few days we hear. Beers
are $5 Fiji so only $2.50 USD at the restaurant. Judy got a pina
colada for $16.50 FD, dinner was $39.48 FD with splitting a fish and
chips and a local seafood Kovu, a medley of octopus, fish, shrimp and
such with rice on the side.

Chocolate needs to be in the fridge we’re finding already.

More info on the blog with pictures soon.

BLOG svcodeblue.wordpress.com
Steve and Judy
S 17* 40′, E 177* 22′



1. Marie & Greg - May 25, 2015

Thanks for letting us know that you arrived safely in Fiji. We arrived back home in MTLK, WA yesterday. Marie & Greg

2. Ron Collins - May 26, 2015


Hey Captain Dauzy and Judy,

We just got back from Mazatlan, Mexico, celebrating our 23rd Anniversary. We do try to have fun!


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