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Finally Back to s/v Code Blue in Fiji October 31, 2015

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2015.

To Code Blue Followers: 11-1-15

OK, we arrived at the boat about 6:30am local time on Thursday 29th. Boat was dusty and some leaves. Mainly we noticed very small ants crawling up the port cockpit scupper into the companion way from a nearby ant hive while on the ground. We discovered thousands of dead ants in various places, forward head on the soul, galley area, fruit ripen area. Just today we thought no food sources for them and they just died of no food or water, but then we found some moving around in a small bag of small marshmallows and in a bag of prunes that wasn’t quite sealed. Anyway we put the sails on, bimini and such. Launched the boat into the water about 12:15pm on Friday. Saturday we headed to town. Also no internet working. Lautoka about 14 km away. Bought a bunch of groceries. Thurs. was hot mid 90’s and no wind. Last several days are about high 80’s, and wind helps most of the day. Humidity 65% but I have a new better meter not hooked up yet.

Halloween night they had a costume contest here at the Boatshed Restaurant. One of the sailboat guys we know from Whangarei came in first place. Top 3 selected got a bottle of wine. Creg was a Cereal Killer with knife in a small box of cereal and a bunch of small boxes strapped about his chest, Poncho Villa style, plus duct tape mask made up and a bunch of blood color around on his body and the boxes.

Just got a note from John and Lyn Martin, They head up the All Points Rally in NZ. Looks like we should be leaving Monday or Tuesday, for Opua but we have a big mess inside the boat. Judy wants to arrange this before we leave for NZ let alone travel a bit in Fiji. Outside of the boat looks pretty good. Maybe great. Took us 3 tries to get the main on properly. We kept sending it up the wrong boltrope track, then tried it without one then got it right.

From John & Lyn —

Hello all, we finally have a good looking window for sailing to NZ from all over the South Pacific. The weather over the last short while has finally started to settle and the forward forecast has become more consistent .

Leaving the tropics Monday or Tuesday in this new High pressure system should give a good run out of Tonga and Fiji and bring you down towards NZ as a forecast low over northland fades on Friday Saturday giving you favourable winds for the approach to NZ.

From Vanuatu and New Cal a departure on Tuesday or Wednesday should give a good passage too.

One thing that will be consistent with all departures is put on plenty of Diesel as there will likely be a fair bit of motoring. There were a number of boats that arrived in the last system having either run out of fuel or been very close to on arrival so put on a couple of extra gerry cans.
I’ll review again as we move on.
Kind regards

John M

Thanks for all the support we got in Seattle area, being able to visit friends plus use other peoples boats, especially when we caught crab.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Vuda Point Marina, Fiji



1. Barbara Emel - October 31, 2015

Steve & Judy, Nice to hear that you finally arrived back to your “true” home. It is so great to read your posts. Fair winds and seas to you!
Barb Emel & Dean Dale

2. John - October 31, 2015

Hi Steve and Judy, So glad to hear you safely arrived back to Code Blue. It was great seeing you both and catching up. We loved seeing your pictures and look forward to following you along your next adventure. Be safe! May you have fair winds and following seas
Love John and Daleen

3. Cissy - November 1, 2015

Steve and Judy,

However short, it was great to see you! Safe travels.


4. Marie & Greg - November 1, 2015

Thanks for the updates. We have ants in AZ too….rain brought out lots, but they are outside. Keep us posted. Greg & Marie

5. Capt.JerrySte - November 1, 2015

It was great to see you two while you were here. Stay safe and keep the stories coming so we can live vicariously through them.
Fair winds and following seas.

6. David - November 1, 2015

HI Steve and Judy,

Enjoyed our “catch-up” over lunch. Fair winds to NZ.
David and Carol

7. Larry nelson - November 1, 2015

Glad to see you are back aboard and headed to Opua. We are in Majuro, Marshall Islands until June 2016 then headed to Dutch Harbor Alaska. Hoping to winter 2016 in Sitka. We are following your blog.

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