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Code Blue – Update 11-8-15 Now At Sea to NZ November 7, 2015

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2015.

Thought I’d send a message from at sea using our sailmail account. So far weather has been pretty good. Winds 10-20 kts. Blue skies with some clouds now, lots in the past and also none. Saw a boat light last night and tried calling them but no reply on VHF 16. We couldn’t tell how far away it was as it did not show up on radar on about 7 or 8 o’clock position and no AIS targets yet since leaving Fiji. There were plenty of AIS targets inside the reef.

We’re 180 miles from Vuda Pt. Marina left 11-6 at 3:48pm about 15 staff came over to our boat with a guitar and sang Isa Lei for our departure. Mileage has mostly been in the 4’s with about 103 mile day for the first 24 hrs 4pm to 4pm. Normally you measure noon to noon. We made water yesterday for our drinking jugs and to double check the watermaker working OK. Things seem to be good there. Some sail changes adding main to no main as now. Once reefed the genoa to 90% for a while, now back to full Genoa. Judy has signed in on Isabella Net once yesterday. But she is a bit polite/timid to break in. Still haven’t gotten on Gulf Harbor Net even when we can hear relays good and sometimes the station.

10;45am the boat tacked over to starboard. I’m down below at the nav station typing and Judy is resting. I went back up to correct by putting us on port tack. Bigger seas of 2 meters or so, but lighter winds for a bit down to 6 kts. Just checked now and 10 to 20 kt winds but still on the nose. We’re 27 miles off to the right of Rhumb line to Opua, NZ but it was up to 33 miles so getting better. More Later.

Fair winds,
Steve and Judy



1. Marie & Greg - November 7, 2015

Good to hear that you are sailing along nicely and even able to send an email. Be safe. Marie

2. Marilyn Knutson - November 7, 2015

Wishing you smooth sailing!


3. Carol Pillings - November 12, 2015

Scott Hruska was posting Facebook pics from Fiji and I let him know you were there but it was too late and he missed you. FYI

Have a great trip!

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