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Code Blue Update 11-14-15 November 13, 2015

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2015.

Starting place, Vuda Point Marina, Fiji; headed to Opua, NZ
Noon to Noon mileage

Day Nov.   Total Sailing Motoring
01 6/7   =  85,     55      30
02 7/8   = 104,    104       0
03 8/9   =  98,     74      24
04 9/10  = 109,     52      57
05 10/11 = 110,     95      15
06 11/12 = 131,      0     131
07 12/13 = 113,     70      43
08 13/14 = 111,    111       0
           851     561     300
=          100%     65%     35%
Avg. NM per Hour 4.29     5.23
Hours used 130.8            57.4

57.4 hours of motoring so far. We had flat seas for a couple days. Early today had variable winds in the 16 to 28 knot area and gust to 32, now 10 to 20 knots. Heidi our windvane is doing great for the most part. Variable winds mean adjusting the wheel setting some as the helm changes are needed to keep pointing into the wind at a good angle with Heidi our Hydrovane windvane. Say the wind is doing 10 knots, then it picks up to 20 knots, that doubling of wind equals four times the wind power, hopefully in your favor. As they say when sailing it’s either on the nose, too much wind or not enough. In our case we’ve had about 2 knots of current against us most of the way, also. Hopefully Tuesday 17th we’ll get into Opua, in time for Customs we hope.

Only a hard rain for a couple of hours at night, lots of stars, not much moon at night, mostly sunshine and some clouds to a little mostly overcast.

Some how our Garmin 740s chartplotter is not working for AIS receiving, a setting is wrong; but we fixed the settings on our Vesper Marine 850 so it is working fine for both receiving other boats, and broadcasting our position. So far we’ve seen two sailboats and a 228 meter cargo ship on this trip. We even got a text message from the cargo ship via AIS. We replied by VHF.

Fair winds,
Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. Marie & Greg - November 14, 2015

Great to hear all is going nicely. Thanks for the updates.

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