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Code Blue – Update 11-15-15 November 15, 2015

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2015.

Code Blue Followers:

Now motoring since about 8am this morning. Winds have clocked to almost straight behind us with apparent wind down below 10 kts most of the time but the jump up to 20 or so at times. Judy’s not interested in tearing up the asymmetrical sail. The small bilge pump is clogged I noticed when I checked the bilge. A small amount of water comes out when I turn it on manually. I cleaned the strainer but that didn’t help. There is a ball check valve at the entrance point of the hose in the bilge that must be clogged. The switch is not working either. I gouged some meat out of one of my finger tips up on the deck, so reluctant to work on this project. The bilge was about 1/2 full so I drained part of it with a big sponge then I grabbed a dinghy hand pump that worked pretty well. About 8 gallons taken out. We have a rather small bilge due to in the keel and bilge area are our integrated built in water and fuel tanks. This puts the weight of fuel and water as low in the boat as you can go. It also offers up a dual hull system in case a log or something penetrates the hull into a tank. I think the water got into the bilge when we were sailing I didn’t notice the shaft was free turning due to the propeller not set into a feathering mode. Previously I checked the bilge and it was dry.

Since we’re motoring we have hot water. It’s kind of cool outside in the low 70’s with cloud cover, mid 70’s with sun, and gets down to 59 F at night so far. Anyway we hope to take showers this afternoon in the cockpit.

Now 9:10pm showers worked good, I worked on the bilge also. A bunch of something dark and yucky was the problem. Cleaned the ball check valve a couple of times and the strainer. Two or three tablespoons of stuff. I’m drying it out to see if I can figure what it is. Anyway now the bilge pump works on manual switch at the breaker panel. About 137 miles to go the computer shows to Opua. Genoa out since 4pm and doing good with Heidi in control. Judy says we’re not too rusty for being gone from the boat for five months. We put up all the vinyl panels up in the cockpit. Judy was getting cold last night so this should help to block the wind while in the cockpit. We had the heat on last night to warm up once in a while. Looks like we’ll be sailing tonight so no heat help from the motor.

Our helper for this blog tells us the columns and such don’t turn out very well. Sorry about this. I’m sending via Sailmail with text only and when it goes into the blog it uses the regular type print for the blog. Hopefully you can figure out the numbers, IF, you are even interested. Probably only sailors who have done this route are interested.


Starting place, Vuda Point Marina, Fiji;
headed to Opua, NZ

Noon to Noon mileage Daily
Day Nov. Total Sailing Motoring
01 6/7   =  85,    55     30
02 7/8   = 104,   104      0
03 8/9   =  98,    74     24
04 9/10  = 109,    52     57
05 10/11 = 110,    95     15
06 11/12 = 131,     0    131
07 12/13 = 113,    70     43
08 13/14 = 111,   111      0
09 14/15 = 125,    46     79

           976    607    379
           100%    62%    38%
Avg. NM per Hour 4.37 5.17
Hours Total 212.2 138.9   73.3


Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. Russ Cudmore - November 15, 2015

Steve and Judy

Good to hear you are well and sailing again

Do you plan on returning to Seattle some day live on land and sail the west coast?

Sail & Stay Safe

Best Regards
Russ & Ginny

2. Marie & Greg - November 15, 2015

Happy to hear the bilge pump is now working. Thanks for sharing your progress. Marie

3. David - November 17, 2015

Sounds like a good trip so far and not long until NZ. enjoying warm weather, water here in maui.
Carol & David

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