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s/v Code Blue — Landing at Opua, Ants Again & Judy Ribs November 22, 2015

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2015.
Fiji folks saying goodbye to us as we left the marina

Fiji folks saying goodbye to us as we left the marina

Code Blue Followers, 11-22-15

Light winds for the most part but then also for a while into the high 30’s. On the 16th winds got into the high 30’s and saw gusts up to 44, but Judy injured herself being thrown across the cockpit from port side into the starboard winch and combing area. Similar to a broken rib feeling she thinks. No bruises showing but can’t put her own socks on or bend over much at all. Her left side from back to front area in the rib cage area is very sore. The last couple of nights she’s been sleeping in the starboard settee area propped up almost in a sitting position. This way she can get up by herself if needed. When laying down she can’t get up by herself.

We arrived in Opua at 11:44 pm on Monday the 16th missed the start of the All Points Rally and by the time we cleared Customs it was about noon on Tuesday. We had an ant problem again. We had killed most of them in Fiji with a liquid ant bait but still plenty for the inspection guys to notice as they poked around the boat. They gas sprayed three times for ants and pretty much got them all. We had to leave the boat for at least two hours after the spraying. The third time they came back and sprayed again but we were still doing rally stuff. The gas they used leaves a residue so we were advised to wash all our dishes and galley surfaces. OK for the first time but the second double spray it was getting old to do the clean up. Also they opened up all the storage areas to make sure on the 2nd and 3rd gas job.

New Zealand is well known for taking various food items that are a concern for them, honey, eggs, meat etc. This time we ate up all the food that was a concern and so they only took garbage.

The rally has been very informative, even the second time around. Some food events as we missed a lot of these before the start of the rally. More to come this week they say. We were hoping to do some cruising around the Bay of Islands but we have several loads of laundry to do and arrange the boat better plus a couple of rigging jobs. Last night was the Princess of the Pacific party. Guys had to dress up as a tropical princess. Some of the gals dressed up as a prince or king also. Judy has the pictures in her camera so will have to show these at a later date. About 4 guys dressed up as mermaids. A real hoot to check out all the outfits. It’s kind of tough being a princess with a beard but several of us were in attendance. About 100 people celebrating at the party.

Today was a potluck lunch with fresh fish on the BBQ. We presented John and Lyn a bunch of wine and gifts for organizing such a fantastic rally.

Back before we left Fiji, we took one day and night to motor to Denarau about 6 miles away from Vuda Point. There were some very large yachts there and Code Blue was moored right next to them on the dock. We took a bus from the marina to Nadi about 5 miles then another bus further to near the airport where a big grocery store called New World was located. Judy was happy to see a better selection at the store. Still a far cry from the New World’s of New Zealand but pretty good. Denarau has nine very large resorts located in the area. Familiar names such as Sheraton, Hilton, Hard Rock and others. We ate at a nice Chinese Restaurant in Nadi, pronounced (Nan dee). One of the couples there was eating a rather large coconut crab as part of their dinner. We found out later they start at 160 Fiji dollars so about $80 US.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue


REVISED: 11-22-2015

Starting place, Vuda Point Marina, Fiji;
headed to Opua, NZ Customs Dock

Noon to Noon mileage Daily
Day Nov. Total Sailing Motoring
01 6/7   =  85,    55     30
02 7/8   = 104,   104      0
03 8/9   =  98,    74     24
04 9/10  = 109,    52     57
05 10/11 = 110,    95     15
06 11/12 = 131,     0    131
07 12/13 = 113,    70     43
08 13/14 = 111,   111      0
09 14/15 = 125,    46     79
10 16/16 = 145,   117     28
11 16    =  65,    48     17

          1196    724    407
           100%    65%    35%
Avg. NM per Hour 4.63   5.23
Hours Total 248   166.9   81.1

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. Marie & Greg - November 22, 2015

Sorry to hear about the broken ribs. Sound like the time I smashed my ribs skiing and punched my lung. Very uncomfortable trying to find a position to sleep. Eventually everything heals. Hope that you are now “antless”! Thanks for the updates. Marie

2. Pam Driscoll - November 23, 2015

Sounds like a lot of fun! I’m sorry to hear about Judy getting hurt, it sure sounds painful! I’ll be praying for a speedy recovery. Love, Pam

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