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Code Blue – Opua to Whangarei December 15, 2015

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2015.
Merry Christmas - from Code Blue, Best to you this season. Sorry no snow, but we like the warm weather.

Merry Christmas – from Code Blue, Best to you this season. Sorry no snow, but we like the warm weather.

We took part in the All Points Rally again this year. One note of interest was the advances in lithium batteries and advantages. This year we did some cruising in the Bay of Islands to the town of Russell a couple of days then to Otaio Bay. Russell used to be called the Hell Hole of the South Pacific with whalers and sailors on leave and no law enforcement. We left Bay of Islands and headed to Whangaruru Harbor and Sandy Bay. Took the dinghy out for a three hour tour of the harbor and visit to a couple of boats. One couple was headed to Christchurch on the south island. s/v Wave Runner, 42’ Colin Childs 1984 ketch who’ve had the boat since new. Another boat was our dock mate in Whangareri, Paul, from last year, s/v Searcher, 40’ Eric Cox steel offshore 1965. We decided to meet up for dinner in Tutukaka the next night.

In Tutukaka we stopped at the small grocery/gas store for paper towels. Checked out the restaurants and had some drinks at Schnappa Rock Cafe. Then we moved on to Deep Sea Anglers Club for dinner and another drink. The next morning we motored out for two miles then had an awesome sail all the way to Marsden Cove area and up the river for 12 miles to Whangarei, Kissing Point, for a 31 mile sail altogether. Incoming tide and enough incoming wind helped a lot. Only two more miles for motoring under the bridge and to our dock. Searcher beat us because he left an hour earlier. The early bird gets the worm, but less sleep. Paul helped with our docking, another advantage for being later.

Last few days we’ve been doing boat projects such as finished the rewire and new switch in the small bilge pump and added some split loom and adjustments to the high volume pump plus got it working correctly too. Not good when both bilge pumps aren’t working right. Thursday night Whangarei had a Meet and Greet dinner put on by the Marine Services Group. Right away we noticed our fridge wasn’t holding temperature so we defrosted it and it did fine for a night but next day it still wasn’t holding temperature. Warwick a part owner of Chill Tech stopped by on Friday and specialist for Frigoboat fridges. He noticed a bit of oil on one connection so changed the o-ring and added a sniff of Freon. Warwick came back on the following Thursday for the fridge again. He thought maybe a blockage so this time put a vacuum pump on for several hours came back and added some Freon. He’ll come back in a week he says and see how it’s doing. This is the first time I’ve needed a technician since installing the fridge in the boat myself in June of 2007. So far I’m not too optimistic and we’re not stocking up the fridge or freezer. We put the Christmas lights up the rest of the way on Thursday 10th, then added some more today.

Roundabout folks Ted and Pam are in the area with their new to them, Honda Odyssey, 2000 van. They have their boat on the hard at Northsand Marina a few miles away. They need two or three weeks of work with bottom paint and projects. Thursday 10th, night we went to Grand Thai for dinner together. Now just finding out Judy thinks we’re going to dinner again 12th Red Pizza, so we finished off our chicken, green beans and salad for lunch today. Ted & Pam have phone and text problems. So it’s hard to communicate unless they stop by again. Saturday, Sharron, the manager of the marina office for Town Basin is having a BBQ at her home with a bunch of folks. Saturday was the BBQ with about 60 people. Great to talk with some cruisers we haven’t seen for a while. Tuesday 15th — Happy Hour at Reva’s Restaurant then went to Wildside for 2 for 1 burgers and fries.

Merry Christmas – from Code Blue, Best to you this season. Sorry no snow, but we like the warm weather.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. Marie & Greg - December 15, 2015

Too much fun! That’s great.We love to hear the news. Hope everyone is feeling well at this point. Merry Christmas from AZ. Greg & Marie

2. Cissy - December 15, 2015

As always, love to read your post. I like the blue lights!
Merry Christmas from Seattle.

3. Gene Rubb - December 15, 2015

Enjoyed seeing you while you were here. It sounds as though you picked up where you left off without skipping a beat. Friday I will be doing my third Christmas Cruise with SSYC with about fifteen people on board. We should be able to keep each other warm with that many on board.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas


4. Capt.JerrySte - December 17, 2015

Hi guys. Happy to hear from you. This was a pretty informative posting. How is Judy doing after her bout with a winch. ribs doing better?

All the best from carolyn and Jerry

5. Pam Driscoll - December 17, 2015

Your boat is looking beautiful! Love all your Christmas lights! Have a Merry Christmas! Love, Pam

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