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Green Book – Fremantle Sailing Club Cruising Section January 4, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.

Fellow Cruisers, 4 JAN 2016

Wish you the best in 2016. We’re in Whangarei, New Zealand on our boat s/v Code Blue.

Found this Cruising safety article in the  Cruising Helmsman mag. The article is in the Nov. 2015, issue. Guideline for cruising safety.

Only 20 pages long, plus 6 more for Blue Water (Ocean) and two pages for Multihulls. Some cruising terms are in Aussie speak but a really good start. Maybe put on your website for local members.


Plan to do some RV’g on South Island and North Island for a few months. In May head to Fiji for a while, then in August and September plan to be in Pacific Northwest for my Meadowdale High School reunion of Lynnwood, Washington. Then back to Fiji and maybe back to NZ or possibly OZ.

Write a note back if you’d like to let us know What’s Up. Maybe we’ll see you out cruising.

Enclosed is a copy of the subject item. Free to use, adapt, or adopt, just acknowledge as above. Feedback can be emailed to fsc.cruising@gmail.com

FSC Cruising Green Book v4-v4.04

Several other article on safety and general interest can be found at the web site of The Fremantle Sailing Club.

Steve and Judy Dauzenroth
s/v Code Blue



– s / j –



1. Marie & Greg - January 4, 2016

That’s for all the updates. Nothing new with us….Just staying busy in AZ. We’ll catch up with you this summer when you return to PNW. Hope that everyone’s health issues are a thing of the past. Happy New Year. Marie & Greg

2. Linda Gray - January 7, 2016

Thanks for your updates, so enjoyable. Hope you are feeling better Judy, after your accident? Safe travels and Happy New Year from Jim andLinda

3. Pam Driscoll - January 15, 2016

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New year, also hope you are feeling better Judy, Pam Driscoll

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