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Code Blue – Camera Found, North Island January 29, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.
SKY TOWER - Auckland from North Shore area near Devonport on a hill used for Military in older days.

SKY TOWER – Auckland from North Shore area near Devonport on a hill used for Military in older days.

Code Blue – North Island 1-30-16

Our cameras look a lot alike, black Lumix Panasonic, hers is a newer model. Judy pulled out her purse to get her camera in the case she uses for her camera. My camera was in the case. We laughed a bit. She handed me, my camera. Her camera was in the front seat area.

We stayed over night at Waikite Valley Hot Springs.

BOILING RIVER – The Boiling River of Otamakokore seen here, meanders its way downstream for about three kilometers. The temperature of the water starts at 98 degrees Celsius and cools to about 50-60 degrees Celsius before it joins up with the much larger cold water stream. The lily pad-like formations are calcite and silica. These are formed due tot he high mineral content in the water, particularly calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg).

HOT POOL – They have six pools to dip into at this campgrounds we stayed at here.

Geyser area, Wai-O-Tapu Thermal area. Kind of like Yellowstone National Park with geysers, hot water & mud pools.

Ran out of time. More later.


Now in Picton, a smaller community of 2,745, but 43,400 in the Marlborough district. Wine making and grape growing is pretty big in the area. We saw super huge three blade wind generators on the Wellington side (North Is.) as we left the harbor, as Cook Inlet funnels the wind and helps with windy profile. We ate at the Jolly Roger a Bar and Grill near the campground park here in Picton.

In Feb of 1968, 51 people lost there lives on a big ship of about 750 people that was headed to Wellington, when a hurricane of 100 mph winds came down from the South Pacific just as they were coming into the harbor. The Wellington Museum had a good sized portion of their downtown museum covering the event with black and white film of the actual events also.

Whanganui has a double side steamer,

Picton Voyage – A lot of green trees in a long channel we went through. Some fish farms, some cabins and houses along the way. On the ship they measure the number of cars by meters close to 2200 meters of cars so say 440 plus cars. We loaded in the front of the ship and exited out the back. $220 NZ so about $144 US for one way with us and the van.

Steve and Judy

Picton Parklands Holiday Park


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1. Sandi Dauzenroth - February 3, 2016

nice post and beautiful pictures!

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