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Code Blue – Cape Farewell and Seal Pups 2-8-16 February 15, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.
Sleepy looking Seal Pup

Sleepy looking Seal Pup

Code Blue Followers, (2-15-16 sending Email)

Cape Farewell is a cape 25 kilometers long (15.5 miles). Longest in the world I’m told. Not far from Nelson, on the west coast. We did several hikes in the area. One was on the beach at low tide. About 8 southern fur seal pups were in a pool near some rocks while their mothers were out getting food. Several were playing and swimming. A couple were tired and trying to get some sleep. They were pretty cute and their antics were similar to adults at times.

On another day we did an inland hike which worked out good as we found out later the folks that went to the beach were sand blasted in 45 knot winds. We still got the winds but kept us cool as we were hiking up hills. A view of the cape from the inland hike. Due to the wind and sand, you couldn’t see the end of the cape.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue

Now in Wanaka, inland, not far from Queenstown, did another hike today.
Valentines Day in the evening we went to dinner at a nice restaurant.


– s / j –



1. Marie & Greg - February 15, 2016

WOW….I looks like you were up close to the seal pup. Or did you use telephoto? Phoenix has had wierd beautiful weather the past week with temps 10-15 degrees higher than normal for this time of the year. Looks like anothe week of it still to come. Life is good. Marie

steveandjudy - February 15, 2016

We were close, 4 ft but used tele a bit too. Rain in a day or so headed to Dunedin next. S & J On Feb 16, 2016 9:12 AM, “S/V Code Blue” wrote:


2. Pam Driscoll - February 15, 2016

What great pictures, the seal is so cute! Nice that you got to see them up close!

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