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s/v Code Blue – Blog Update 5-2-16 – Equipment Observations May 2, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.
DuckBus - Kind of like Ride the Ducks

DuckBus – Kind of like Ride the Ducks

To Code Blue Followers 5-2-16
GENOA CARS – While in Seattle we picked up a Schaefer Marine Adjustable Lead Car system for our genoa sheets (control lines for the head sail), and Lead car assembly with control block attached. The sliding block has a 4 to 1 pulley advantage with high density plastic built into the car so it can slide easily on the existing Lewmar track. We’ll see how well this works and we need to figure out where to place the cam cleats and such. Maybe on our way up to Opua, NZ we can figure this out. Before we’d have to reduce tension on the genoa and then go out to the track to adjust the car settings by lifting a pin for forward or back when we changed the amount of genoa sail. With the new setup we should be able to make these adjustments from the cockpit. More expensive systems use ball bearing cars but then a different track would have to be installed using different bolt locations. Hopefully this achieves similar results without plugging the existing holes and putting in new holes for a new track.

HONDA GENERATOR SOLD – When we got to San Diego many sailors suggested we get a generator in case we needed it due to clouds and electrical demands. Up to that point we used it only once on the way to Alaska at Orcas Island to install a 130W solar panel, with no electricity on the dock available. So we had is shipped down from the house in Seattle and stuffed it in the quarter berth. We’ve been dragging around our Honda 2000i gas generator ever since for about 3 ½ years and haven’t used it yet as we now have 520 watts of solar that provides enough electricity and a Hydrovane windvane (that steers the boat by wind) that substantially reduces our electrical needs. Our fridge/freezer have been reduced in size from 9 cubic feet to 6 ½ cf. by adding more insulation on the inside. Next to us on the dock, Wayne and Dana on s/v Journey needed a generator like ours as they weren’t keeping the boat very long, so not worth it to install solar panels. Here Wayne is shown with the new generator to him.

GUPPY FOR SALE – Laura Dekker and her husband Daniel have their 1978 Jeanneau 40 ketch up for sale for $70,000 NZ. Laura is the youngest recorded circumnavigator starting out at about 15 years old and completed when 16. They now have their eyes on a 50 footer. She wrote a book about her adventure. Friends of ours have s/v A Train up for sale. The 1995 Sundeer 60 is located in Marsden Cove just down the river from us.

NEW LIFE RAFT – We got a bid to refurbish our existing 4 person 2008 Viking Rescue Me for $3000 NZD. We decided to spend the money on a new liferaft from Waypoint Raft company for about the same money. Here’s a picture of Judy in a display model at Safety at Sea in Auckland were we it picked up.

GUESTS IN AUCKLAND – While in Auckland picking up our liferaft we met up with Bob and Marilyn on vacation from the area of Massachusetts that Judy grew up in and she went to nursing school with Marilyn. Bob went to a college right next door at Dartmouth. Here’s a picture of them while we ate at a Thai place near the hotel we stayed at. They were on a whirl wind tour of 11 days in Australia and 10 or so in New Zealand.

DUCKBUS – Here’s Seattle’s answer to Ride the Ducks problem. These are fairly similar to Ducks but a more modern version. They do a similar tour in Auckland including part of the harbour.

FIJI – Boats are starting to take off to Fiji, Tonga and the like. We plan to do the same fairly soon. Our visa is up May 17th so we’ll try really hard to head to Fiji by then. Part of August and September we’ll take a break and head to Seattle area for a high school reunion.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Whangarei Town Basin Marina



 – s/j –



1. Marie & Greg - May 2, 2016

Thanks for all the updates and photos. Fun to see photo of Marilyn and Bob as well. Stay safe. Marie

2. Dennis Oelrich - May 2, 2016

Good to hear from you since it’s been a while.  If the class reunion is going to be back east you should get the prize for traveling the farthest.   Our travels are not the far ranging.  We made it as far West as San Antonio TX a year ago but this past Feb we stayed in Surprise (Phoenix) Az.  Our dog was playing in a dog park and another dog -60 lb puppy landed on him and broke a tendon in his back leg.  Vet and surgery cost about $3500.Stay tuned-we may buy another boat this Spring/Summer.  Will see how the money thing works out.

3. Cissy - May 2, 2016

It was nice to here an update from you! It sounds like things are going very well.
I am traveling a lot this year, but hopefully I will be able to catch you in Seattle in August.

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