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Code Blue Status: 5-15-16, 11:40 am, Watermaker, Motoring, Left NZ on 14th, Sat. May 14, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.

Light wind from behind us, blue skies, motoring since 6:34pm Saturday night

5-14-16 Saturday

2:19pm 1320 miles started out of Marsden Cove, their Showers have solenoid
problems, no hot water for me. Judy did fine. They didn’t charge us for
showers at all when I turned in the key cards. He noted I tried 5 times. If
you buy diesel, buy gas at the same time and they take GST off both. Otherwise you need to get 200 Lts of petrol to get them to take off the GST. Need TIE of course. Bruce from NZ Customs, came at about 8am, even though he said 9-10am before.

3:06pm 1324 engine off, now sailing. s/v Family Circus (cat) passed us up.  Not much out here.

6:34pm 1334 engine on, sails down only 10 miles sailing and took 3 1/2 hrs.
11:47am 1415 nm still motoring 5-15-16

Watermaker Start at 9:30am 5-15-16
Flushed for 1 hour, started making water at 10:30am, 242 ppm TDS reading.
Gals per hour 12.6 with a 10 liter test period, another TDS reading at 11:22am
211 ppm. No leaks or anything.

Oops, 5 gal bucket I use for flushing system spilled over a bit while typing
here. I do a manual flush. Lid now on the bucket and sink area cleaned up.

Propeller has some small tube type growth on it when I stuck my head in the
water with a mask and flashlight. Decided to go ahead and motor at Marsden as already 2:19pm and we wanted to leave before dark. Waiting for warmer water, now 68.31 degs F. and really clear.

Judy’s now doing a noon reading.

12:00 Noon 5-15-16 1417 NM so about 87 miles plus 10 sailing, for 97 total.
We’re only doing 2000 RPMs due to the propeller and hoping for wind. So far
not good at 2 to 7 kts of wind presently.
Noon position, S 34 40.3, E 175 21.6

We need a successful wind dance or something. Not too much, we don’t want
another Winston type.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue



1. Linda Gray - May 14, 2016

I am experimenting with which email works? Wanted to send safe travels to you!
Are living the dream! Thanks for keeping us up to date. Let us know when you arrive in Fiji. Sounds wonderful! Jim and Linda

Sent from my iPad


2. John Frederick - May 23, 2016

Thanks for the updates.

By the way, I have a caliber 40 LRC and am curious where you store your scuba tanks while underway. I have 3-80 tanks to store.

John Frederick


2006 Caliber 40 LRC SE

Steve D - May 24, 2016

We store three scuba tanks (1 aluminum 80 cf and two steel 80’s) in the port Lazarette, near the battery divider on the port side fore and aft, also aft of a lower factory stock built plywood storage area that is below the fuel management area. This storage area stops aft, at about 27″ from the fuel management bulkhead. Bottom of the tanks are pointed forward with tops pointed aft. These are laid on the hull usually, sometimes two on the hull and then one on top of the other two. Lines, garden hoses and such tuck and cushion the tanks in place. While cruising in the Northwest and not near the gear I have now, I have stored tanks in the starboard 1/4 berth, laying down where the mattress pad normally would be. We’ve given up taking the mattress pad with us normally. Next to the cockpit wall with bottoms pointed forward. Usually tuck these tanks with other gear. The forward shower area is where the scuba gear is located, as we are from the northwest I carry a dry suit, and 3 mil tropical suit. Judy is also certified but hasn’t done much diving lately. My last dive was yesterday due to cleaning the hull, propeller and keel cooler here in Minerva.

This location can be a pain to get to sometimes due to all the gear I’d like to store there. Our boat is full of stuff for our passages. Now cruising New Zealand to Fiji with stop over in North Minerva Reef, with plans to dive Fiji quite a bit. New Zealand will not fill scuba tanks without a LAB number stamped on the tank which is a recording of the hydro test when the tank is made. No other country requires this, and usually they follow the international PSI standards. They will do a Marine test one time which is a regular hydro for $50 NZD and as a courtesy leave the tank full of air. Then you can only get the tank filled outside of NZ or by a private person or boat. Hydro’s are normally only required every 5 years.

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