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s/v Code Blue – Minerva Reef On the Way May 20, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.

To s/v Code Blue followers,

Sat. 5-21-16

We’re in the Tongan side of the dateline so really Friday the 20th, but since we’re headed to Fiji after Minerva we’re not changing our date on the boat.

Minerva’s – We’re headed to North Minerva, or at least were but due to ocean current we’ve been slowing down more and more. We’re now 62 miles to North Minerva just inside the pass. Earlier in the day we were with an Estimated Time Arrival of 2:30pm. Now with a much shorter distance but slower our ETA is 5:46pm. Just a half hour ago it was 5:23pm. Boats are stacking up in front of us and behind. With transponder AIS’s we can see two boats in front of us. S/V Qi (Pronounced Chi) 14 meter, is 5.27 nm out in front with Speed Over Ground of 4.0 kts, then s/v Twiga 18 meter, is 3.3 nm in front of us but has fuel filter problms so mostly sailing. Behind we hear another boat via radio that was close now further back with unknown name. We might head into S. Minerva about 35 miles closer, due to ETA slide out. We’ll see. Last year we stopped in south, the next day did north for 4 nights. Judy was on GHR (Gulf Harbour Radio) net this morning and one of the call in’s said there was 18 boats in N. Minerva. There are 4 more on the way close at hand.

North Minerva is a Cheerio shape with an entrance on the west side, 3 miles in diameter. South Minerva is an infinity sign look with one pass entrance on the west side about the same size. Ocean style reefs.

We’re seeing fish action once in a while, jumping big ones, and smaller flying fish gliding 150 + feet or so. I’ve put out two hand lines, one on each side of the boat, one smaller lure, one bigger. Nothing so far. Last year I left the line out too long and it spun up into a tornado looking bundle when we anchored, with the propeller in reverse. I’ll try to avoid that this time.

Steve and Judy
s\v Code Blue
S 24* 27.8
W 179* 27.3
2:40am, UTC 14:40

Now 5:08am, UTC 17:08 50.3 nm, ETA 6:03pm.

**** ****

[position] 33 08S 176 09E
[heading] 023T
[speed] 5.5k
[weather} 5-10k, SW, 90% cc, 1014, <1M
few rain squalls earlier, motoring, all well on board

Mill pond look on water with some swell. Wind 0 to 5, I think closer to 0 with the mast swinging back and forth due to swell, creates illusion of wind on our anemometer. For a while we had our main up yesterday to cut down on the wobble of the boat. Helped quite a bit.
No clouds to speak of as we head north.
Motoring at 2000 rpms. doing about 5 plus knots. 1320 miles starting 5-14 Sat, now 1540, 220 miles.
Last noon to noon 1417 for 123 miles for 5.125 or 5 1/8 MPH. Still motoring.

Getting closer to 70 degs F for water. Hope to stop and clean my prop today.

Stopped to take a swim in the 70.48F and clean off the prop at about 12:50PM. Growth on the keel cooler was about an inch of oysters that wouldn’t come off. Prop did not clean up easy either doing snorkel and putty knife. Didn’t want to take out the scuba gear and fins buried at the bottom of the forward shower for another hour of messing with this, so after about 10 mins we took off again. Minerva sounds pretty good to finish this job. Afterwards we did take cockpit showers with the warm water in the tank.
Steve and Judy
Noon 5-16-16
S 32* 28.8
E 176* 30.1


Steve & Judy



1. Marie & Greg - May 20, 2016

Reading you loud and clear. Thanks for the updates. Marie

2. Pam Driscoll - May 20, 2016

Have fun at Minerva!!!

3. Capt.JerrySte - May 22, 2016

Keep ’em coming! Happy to hear you guys are safe and sound 😊.

Carolyn & Jerry

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