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sv Code Blue – Fish On/Off Trip Report Whangarei to Minerva May 21, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.

Code Blue followers 5-21-16

Had three fish on but lost them all. I used 10 cm pink octo from Burnsco with double hook on all they tried. I tried several other larger lures, and a white octo all about 7 inches long, but no bites. Up to 2 hand lines and 1 fishing pole.

First one on hand line, it flipped off right away when I came up to notice my lines. Medium sized, less than 30″. When I pulled it in a ways I could see the fish then gone.

As we got closer to North Minerva I came within 1/2 mile, nothing, then as started for the pass we came within 3/8 of a mile on the west side. Big one on my pole, line was zinging out. I tried slowing it down with my thumb and burned it up. Then was holding the pole and started to put the brake on but before I could even get the brake started it was going out too fast about 1/2 of what I had on the reel. The reel only cost $4 NZ at Opua swap meet. Then the line broke.

Next back to the hand line again. This one I got very close to the boat and had the hook out trying to get hooked but the fish was zinging back and forth five times. Then got off. About 20″ long, looked like a tuna. Should of used our net hidden in our 1/4 berth.

From our dock to Marsden Cove 12 miles motor 1:03pm to 4:25 including stopping at the fuel dock.
Marsden to North Minerva 845 so 857 total. Left 2:19pm 5-14 to 3:40pm 5-21
Sailing not a lot 187 miles for 21.8% It seemed a lot less.
Motoring 670 miles for 78.2%
Pretty calm seas for the most part on the trip. Rain one night and during the day once squalls for about an hour total. Finally nice to have the motor off. About 25 boats total here, 13 with AIS transponders. John and Lyn Martin, s/v Windflower are anchored nearby, Max and Liz with kids on s/v Fluenta too.

Schaefer adjustable genoa cars worked good. Not a lot of adjustments made due to light winds. We need to test more in heavier winds.
Mostly motoring at 2000 RPM due to growth on prop and fuel economy.

5-13 12 miles motor Whangarei to Marsden Cove
14 to noon 15 = 97
16th noon = 123
17th noon = 121
18th Noon = 107
19th Noon = 120
20th Noon = 144 2200 RPM to make Minerva during the day.
21st Noon = 115 2200 RPM Current against us.
21st AfterN = 18 For 857

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
S 23* 38.7
W 178* 55.9
6:48pm NZ Local 5-21-16



1. Marie & Greg - May 21, 2016

Sounds like a fishman’s story! “The two that got away”. Marie

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