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Code Blue – Left N. Minerva, Bommie Problem, Progress Report, 5-28-16 May 27, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.


As we got ready to leave N. Minerva, we found the chain was wrapped 90 degrees on the base of a bommie 42′ down. We tried getting it off by motoring several times. That didn’t work, so I went down with scuba gear. I told Judy to start letting off chain two minutes after I started down. I had a tank with 620 pounds of air in it. Not a lot but hopefully enough, and the next full tank was another 1/2 hour under gear in the lazarette. The chain was wrapped at the base under the bommie buried in sand and tough to get out. My left hand was getting scratched up trying to pull on the chain. I should of worn my Kevlar gloves. Finally I got it part way out then the rest of the way and we were good to go. We started at 8:53am, took until 9:51 to get freed. Tried trolling two hand lines out the pass down south a bit near the reef, then back north. No success. Put the sails up.

We’ve been motoring for 153 miles, sail 81 for 234 total, with 226 miles to go
and now motoring since late last night, flat water. Hope to arrive Suva Suva
on Monday 30th. Due to weather storms in New Zealand area not many boats have left there since the 16th. Hopefully on Monday 30th or Tuesday they will be
able to head north to Fiji, Tonga or Vanuatu. One buddy boat, s/v Roundabout
II, has canceled their plans to Tonga and Samoa and now just doing Fiji. They
were all set to go then the hot water tank started leaking around the high
pressure safety valve. Took a while to get the part from the USA and then got
stuck in the weather pattern.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
S 20* 06.1
W 179* 14.7
8:50am NZ Local time 5-28-16

 – s / j –



1. Marie Jones - May 27, 2016

Thanks for more excitement! Third try was the charm for getting the correct actuators for our rear rv jacks. Left Sun City at 6 am. Overheating problems, but now 11 hours later and 518 miles, we are safe for the night in Cedar City, UT. Oh ha…we made several stops trying to find air for 95# dolly tires. Boats and motorhomes sure can keep you busy.

2. Pam Driscoll - May 28, 2016

So glad to hear you didn’t run out of air! We just had Seattles opening day and Surt won best in his class and best overall! You’ll have to see pictures when you get back. Safe travels, Pam

3. John & Daleen - May 28, 2016

Glad you were able to free your anchor and are underway.
We finally left our house to cruise until October. On Omega and almost finished stowing our provisions. What a weekend to leave but worked out that way. Looks like a nice week for departure on Mon or Tuesday. Please revise our email Thanks.

Be safe.
John and Daleen

captnmike - May 29, 2016

I passed on your new email to Steve and Judy and sent you a new invite to follow their blog with your new email address

4. Scott Cates - June 2, 2016

Good job clearing the anchor line. You guys rock.

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