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Code Blue – Fiji Diving, Savusavu June 5, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.
Soft Coral

Soft Coral

Code Blue – Fiji Diving, Savusavu sent 6-6-16

I arranged to go diving with a shop called Namena Divers here in Savusavu. Fiji is well known for their soft coral. These dives had some but not a lot. Another boat s/v Rewa that we have spent time with has his daughter Tessa and boy friend Nick with them and would also be on these dives. Tessa is fairly experienced and used to be a divemaster for a living. We took a taxi out of town to a resort called Koro Resort. It has dwellings surrounding a dug out bay and then a mile long channel out to the ocean. Our first dive site was Dream House led by a divemaster named Selo. Visibility was about 50 feet due to plankton and such in the water. My dive computer recorded 90’ maximum for 52 minutes starting at 9:33am. After the dive the boat went back into the resort to get new tanks, take a break and off load four other divers that weren’t going on the second dive.

For the second dive called Purple Garden was a much more interesting dive. Three pinnacles were on the site. Right away we saw a large gray reef shark down deep at about 90 plus feet. This area is also known for hammerhead sharks but we didn’t see any this time. Selo took us to a tunnel area that we transited thru. Not much in the rocky tunnel that was about 150 feet long. I tried taking pictures but they turned out very fuzzy due to the low light conditions. Bigger fish were on this dive and a school of smaller fish. I took some pictures of various kinds of anemone fish but only one kind enclosed. Dive was max of 92’ and 50 minutes . Tessa was excited to see the shark as it’s been a while. On the way back the taxi driver dropped us off at our marina, the Copra Shed as we had all our gear to lug to our dinghies. The resort didn’t have much for shower facilities with just a water hose and a bucket to rinse our gear. Both dives were 82 to 84 degrees F. Pictures were with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

Earlier I had also arranged for a night dive later that night Thursday, June 2, meet at 5:45pm and when I talked with Rodney the manager at the shop I thought things were all set, even though Nick and Tessa weren’t going on their free night dive since they had done 4 day dives. I spent a few hours rearranging my gear for the night dive. Judy was going to go to dinner with Chris and Chris of s/v Scintilla while I was gone. I got to the dive shop a bit early at 5:30pm and no one was around in the shop. I figured they would be picking me up, so waited outside on a table with my gear. At 5:45pm I walked next door to the bottle shop (wine, beer & booze) to use their phone and the clerk called the numbers she had on a poster that was a bit out of date. I then went back and wrote down the numbers on a poster at the dive shop window. Finally she connected and turned the phone over to me. They were glad to connect with me as the night dive had been cancelled as I was the only one. My thought was they could of at least left a note on the window or door, called the Copra Shed Marina or called s/v Code Blue on the VHF radio to let me know. I then called Judy on the VHF that I had with me but they were headed out and she had our ICOM portable radio that is a bit old and the radio doesn’t last long. Almost immediately the radio was clipping so short due to battery lack of power I couldn’t understand her. It’s only a few blocks to the marina so, finally I went back to the dock where they were and we went to dinner at the Waitui Yacht Club. We had yellow fin fish & chips and a lamb curry with rice that we both split.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Savusavu, Fiji


 – s / j –



1. Marie Jones - June 6, 2016

Thanks for dive news. We just arrived in WA. Marie

2. Pam Driscoll - June 7, 2016

Love your pictures, it looks like a beautiful place to dive!

3. Scott Cates - June 21, 2016

That’s a bummer about the night dive cancelling with no notice.

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