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Code Blue – Fawn Harbor, Fiji 6-28-16 June 27, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.
New Bridge near Labasa

New Bridge near Labasa

Code Blue – Folks

We did some last minute grocery shopping last night 6-24, and repaired a leaky cracked gray plastic nut fresh water leak just above my start battery. Battery case was full of water, symptom was bilge going off every once in a while, I thought due to stuffing box needed adjust, which it did also. Now have a new 1/2″ hose from the gang of connections directly to my fresh water pump. Somehow with a hot water bath soak I was able to stretch the 1/2″ hose (about 8″ long I got from Carl and Jan of Sequoia) over the 5/8″ barbed connector to the pump on one end. Other end had a longer 1/2″ barbed connector that I wasn’t able to fully get the hose on it but plenty good enough. No leaks, I even put on hose connectors too. Thanks Carl and Jan! Took from 6pm to 7:35pm just in time to do dinner dishes but the water wasn’t as hot as we thought. Earlier we went out and made water with solar power mostly as our tank was down to 3/8’s full due to the leak we think mostly. My electric bilge counter only says 2, because it needs more that a few seconds of bilge pumping to ascend to the next number count. Kind of weird how the nut developed a crack over time, must be due to the pumping vibrations and being plastic?

Did a car rental with Ted & Pam up around Labasa, stayed the night, saw a couple of bridges, took the long way home and had a differential problem due to hitting a rock. Oil leaked out but we made it back. $250 extra for the car damage. Had a gecko ride most of the way with us, picture enclosed.
Friday 24 was a National Holiday, Sports Day. Carnival is in town with a Ferris wheel.

Anyway we left Savusavu Sunday 26th after another morning market trip on Saturday and heading up to Rainbow reef or somewhere to do some snorkel & diving hopefully. Nice dinner last Friday night with stir fry’d veggies, BBQ’d chicken thighs and fresh pineapple slices for dessert. Mango & orange rum drink helped too.

Saturday as a going away we had dinner out with Roundabout (Ted & Pam) and Sequioa too, at a place called A Taste of Paradise, BYOB place, so drinks are cheap and inexpensive dinner for the two of us at about $8 US together.

Now in Fawn Harbor (37 miles from Savusavu) for two nights so far. It is Tuesday 28th and WiFi available if we put the modem up in the cockpit. Four boats first night, last night just us. Cleaned our hull water line and waxed a bit to get rust off yesterday. Judy says there are hotsprings around here somewhere. We’ll do a dinghy tour. Weather pretty good and not much wind. Stars out last night but Google Sky is messed up on my phone, I had to use a Planisphere for 40* North and then make adjustments. We think we have a southern one around but LOB (Lost On Boat) maybe.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Fawn Harbor
S 16* 43.6
E179* 43.8

 – s / j –



1. Mike and Kris Sinclair - June 27, 2016

Thinking of you. Back bay at Port Ludlow w Dungeness crab.

Mike & Kris

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2. Marie & Greg - June 28, 2016

Maybe the gecko was teling you that you needed Geico auto insurance! Marie

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