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Hot Springs at Fawn Harbor 6-28-16 Afternoon June 28, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.
Floating Boats - Note high water

Floating Boats – Note high water

Code Blue – Folks Hot Springs at Fawn Harbor 6-28-16 Afternoon
We were about an hour after high tide at 4pm and headed in we knew not where but we thought at Fawn Harbor area. As we got closer we could see a mangrove tunnel into a house area on a hill. Two boats were in the waterway tied to mangroves and we could see the water was headed down about 6 inches or so. I headed up to the first house on a hill and Judy stayed with the dinghy. Lena Pickering’s house I came to and she gave me directions to some of the boys (men really). I talked to them for a bit and they agreed to have David show us the way to the hot springs. But we needed to hurry as it was past high tide and our dinghy would be dry soon, and it was about 1/2 an hour walk to the pool. I went back to Judy and got her to head up the hill from where I came. I took the dinghy out toward the opening of the mangroves. Got back to Lena’s house and David was up the hill to the road. I’d forgotten my shoes back at the boat and David insisted on loaning me his flip-flops. The men were pounding kava root in an iron pestle looking thing with a heavy say 20 pound iron rod about 5 or more feet tall. Up, down, Up, down. Heavy clanking noise as we left them toward the road and trail.

David was a fast walker on the road, then a driveway, then the trail. Judy was pressed to keep up but did her best with those short legs of hers she blames all the time. Up a hill, thru a fence, down a trail, over/under a barbed wire fence then along a creek and thru bamboo forest. David’s slinging his machete pretty good as they said the trail was pretty bad due to Hurricane Winston. Actually the trail was pretty good and David was making it better, just stay back from the machete.

I recorded Hot springs as S 16* 43.867, E 179* 44.602, Judy wrote S 16* 43.072, E 179* 44.501. The trail is pretty good but you’ll need someone like David to take you once for the half hour walk.

We made it to the hot spring pool. A bamboo pipe was flowing into the pool, and the water was warm/hot flowing around the source into the pool too. At first a bit too hot but as you got used to it just about right. David went back down the trail to wait for us while we took a quick dip. Then we headed back right away as our dinghy was headed dry and another 1/2 hour of walking and tide drop with darkness on the way.

Maya used to be the chief here but he died a while back. When we got back the kava group was probably in session somewhere. Before, when Maya was chief he didn’t take part in kava or alcohol so we brought tea, candy and a solar light for trail marking use. We gave David and the other guy some candy and explained the solar light and I set it up with the battery and told him it needs to get sun for a day or so. I didn’t realize the point was in backwards for shipping and needed to be turned around. I hope they figure this out with the instructions I left. We took off back to the dinghy expecting to have to drag it thru some mud and rocks. But, someone had already taken it out to the first stick and tied it up. Oh thank you, thank you. as where I’d left it, it would have been quite a ways for Judy and I to drag it to floatable water. We couldn’t jump in yet but at least the dinghy floated. We stayed to the right of the stick as directed and soon in deeper water to jump in and eventually used the Torqeedo electric motor to power us to the boat.

Later we had a perfect meal of steak, fried egg plant with panko breading, rum with orange/mango juice. Now the stars are out really good. No moon, Judy saw two shooting stars. Today has been a pretty good adventure with what we thought was real Fiji. Don’t miss this jewel if you’re into hot springs and pools, and friendly Fijians.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Fawn Harbor
S 16* 43.637, E 179* 43.799


 – s / j –



1. Marie & Greg - June 28, 2016

Great adventure of a day! Marie

2. Pam Driscoll - June 29, 2016

Sounds like a lot of fun!

3. Scott Cates - July 18, 2016

Wow! That really seemed like a fun adventure to me too. I love hot springs and that Kava root sounds interesting. Is that for food or an intoxicant? Did you guys try it? The people seemed really helpful. Thanks for sharing this story.

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