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Code Blue – Albert Cove, Rabi Island, Fiji July 18, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.

To Code Blue Folks, 7-19-16

We left Buca Bay on 16th. We took a 2 1/4 hour bus ride back to Suvasuva, taxi back, to get some provisions, visited the village at Buca, cute kid pictures but we’re now in Albert Cove with no WiFi so sending by SSB I hope. Just one family here in this bay for now. John and Pauline with a boy 3 and two girls younger. We saw a sow with 8 new piglets about 5 days old with a puppy dog, and some chickens from the one neighbors that are in town for a few days. No road, no trail, and they don’t have a boat. Sometimes friends stop by with a boat to take them into town. Sort of like Survival camping for many years.

We visited the family for a bit yesterday. Gave them some gifts of food, clothing, a child’s first reader book with three other boats, Sequoia, Roundabout and Michael from Astarte. They offered to burn our paper & light plastic garbage. Michael started a good sized fire and I helped out. John had just been out getting coconuts so he opened three of them for us to drink and then we took ours to the boat to get the coconut meat out with my Mexican machete made in Brazil I now notice. Judy lost her clip on sunglasses some how by just setting them down. We’ll check back later.

We went snorkeling afterwards in the cove. The reef point you turn to the anchorage was the best area with lots of small fish, great coral, and even some soft coral. Soft coral needs current to live so not much in this area. I saw a 5′ black tip shark, and a good sized trigger fish, otherwise most of the fish were under a foot and more like six inches. Judy said this was the best snorkeling she’s seen in Fiji so far. Anchorage is a bit of challenge with most boats dropping is 50 feet and backing to 90 and depending on the wind on the nose to keep them off the shore reef. We dropped in 26′ then backed to 60 plus with a second stern anchor Fortress # 23 out 340 feet including 40′ of 5/16″ chain, in 115 feet deep with a buoy marker. We’re pretty steady in the same location. Winds get very light at night to glass smooth usually. Hopefully head to the Northern Lau Group of Fiji soon. Now checking weather and such.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
S 16* 26.8, W 179* 56.3
Albert Cove, Rabi Island, Fiji

 – s / j –



1. Marie & Greg - July 19, 2016

“Survival camping”…an interesting find for you.

2. Ron - July 19, 2016

Hey Captain Dauzy and Judy,
You two make us jealous with your adventures.
We are planning a small one in our new Class C RV, a trip to Long Beach,Wa for a week along the coast. More travels south starting in the fall. We do love to be near water too.

Keep on sailing
Ron-Helen (phone number redacted for privacy)

3. Scott Cates - August 1, 2016

I love reading how you guys explore and meet local people on your adventures. Thanks for sharing.

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