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Code Blue – Plans & Auto Pilot Problems July 27, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.

Code Blue – folks and others, 7-28-16 Th 9:30am

Long term we will sail to Southern Lau (Falaga) from Bavatu Bay (Plantation) and then to Kandavu Island, then Vuda Point Marina by the 10th of August as we fly to Seattle on the 13th for a High School reunion.

But we have an autopilot problem of not working. We’ve got the manuals out, it seems to be a controller program problem. We had this once before in the early days on Lake Union in Seattle and we re-calibrated by doing circles and such, while talking to Nexus folks in Canada. We’re in Bavatu Bay so it seems a good place to do the circles, with calm waters. The other backup plan is we have a Raymarine controller for our windvane that we’ve tried to calibrate two times before and hasn’t taken yet. We’ll work on this too.

Anyway for now we’ve talked with Siti here at the plantation, do a view lookout walk, feed the chickens, burn our trash again. They had a really hot fire going near the Yacht Club yesterday, but last night we had a super downpour rinse job so I would think the log fire will be out. I saw 5 cows, 1 bull, 25 chickens, 5 guys looking for a cow up on top. Siti came by the boat with about 8 people on board, took our intro letter, talked for a bit then headed to the landing as getting dark.

We heard 128 coconut trees down on top, out of 2000 trees they have, so not too bad for the trees there. Some buildings are flat nothing and they are working on rebuilding one big one just part of a frame up. I saw several Fijian houses from a distance that looked pretty good after some work it seemed. The big house looks great on the outside. The yacht club near the water doesn’t look so good, roof damage with tarps, inside not so good. They haven’t done anything with it other than tarps so far.

It’s been since Viani Bay, July 13, we’ve had Vodefone WiFi connection so sending this via SSB radio, so no pictures. They used to have a tower up here on the north part (before Cyclone Winston) but now only in Lomaloma down island a ways. Maybe we can get a connection up on top here or at the lookout we are headed to.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
S 17* 10.9, W 178* 69.8
Bavatu Bay, Vanua Balavu, Fiji
10am, 7-28-16

 – s / j –



1. Marie & Greg - July 28, 2016

Hope you get your autopilot problem soved quickly.Looking forward to seeing you soon. Marie

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