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Code Blue – Part 2. Plans & Auto Pilot Problems July 28, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.

I’m having ground station problems not being able to connect to the internet is what the system is telling me, it seems the first message to this email doesn’t seem to have gone out. I’ll put my follow up Part 2 first and then add my previous note. This info may not be correct, but just in case. — SD

s/v Good as Gold (Malcom & Dina) came into the bay here and we met up about 12:45pm to do a tour of the plantation at the dinghy dock which is also their main dock. It’s about a 1/2 mile further into the bay from the yacht club landing. Siti, manager, had recommended to take the road rather than the 271 stairs. Getting up to the main housing area I could see the word I had gotten about 128 coconut trees down was way wrong. Siti didn’t know how many trees they had before but about 1/2 were blown down or killed by the cyclone. We got a tour by Siteri a young lady who had lost their home on Avea Island near Lomaloma. There are nine workers here putting the ranch back together. They were out fishing while we visited. They have three small homes that have been rebuilt, working on a fourth. Each one has a collection tank for rain water from the roof. The old roofs were gone so Siti redesigned the roofs to a less pitch and made stronger. This is a self sustaining ranch. 67 sheep, 47 cattle, 6 horses, 23 pigs, 3 goats, 50 chickens and a few ducks and geese. They get by with their own water supply from rain water, and a water collection system that they pump from when the tide is about 1/2 way or lower. The sheep are a special breed for meat only, the wool is not used or collected as it doesn’t grow very long.

Siteri lead a tour of the ranch to the lookout. Great shots of Bay of Islands but we couldn’t see the part we had stayed in very well. A short tour of the pig area. Fences were built of rock about 4 feet tall and 2 1/2 feet thick without concrete We then walked up to the main house out on another vista. This was supposed to be a good place for WiFi connection to Vodefone. My modem was able to connect it indicated with 5 bars and internet, but nothing was coming up on the computer. Finally the home page for MSN came up when I moved to the upstairs window of the house, but then nothing else. I had hoped to send some pictures out. Several workers were using the main house to live in. They had some solar power from one of the roofs and a cistern was built into the foundation that gathered rain water. On the walk back to the dinghy I checked out the 271 stairs that started from the landing area. About 80 stairs up some fallen trees had destroyed a section of the stairs. But there was a log fire going pretty good so I burned our paper trash.

We took the dinghy back to the boat and checked out a rather large buoy mooring at the head of our smaller section of the bay. It was a bit weird to have such a big mooring at the head of the bay when a boat that would tie up there had to have a draft of less that 18 inches at high tide at a cross section before the mooring.

Tomorrow 7-29-16 we’ll work on our auto pilot problems then we hope to leave for Falaga.

Steve and Judy



1. Cissy - July 30, 2016

Thanks for sharing! Cissy

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