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Code Blue – Idyllic Sail and Made it to Falaga Island July 31, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.

Idyllic Sail so far. East winds mostly about 15 kts, waves not more than a meter but still behind the island. We left the bay at 6:37am, caught a 17″ fish in the main pass on the way out. Our first in Fiji. Now sailing since 8:11am with Heidi in control, now about 9:30am. Tried our modem as we go south and it says it has internet and WiFi access but nothing happens so back to SSB. I’ve connected up to Niue and OZ with good success so far on SSB.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
S 17* 19.6, W 179* 02.6

Code Blue folks, 7-31-16 Sunday

Used Heidi most of the way sailing, then Ray the auxiliary windvane auto pilot worked great as we came in to Falaga the last 23 miles or so. We were a bit early coming into the lagoon as it was low tide but it’s way better at slack water which is about 2 hours later after low tide. At high tide, slack water coincides. s/v Helios stopped by on the way to their boat to give us some info and pointers on the local village. Then we headed in. We went to a late church meeting about 4pm then were adopted by George and his wife. George is the head teacher here. We’ll also do sevusevu and kava starting at 9am tomorrow with another boat, from Japan called Un Passage is the plan. It’s about a 20 minute plus walk to the village from the landing. The main village here has about 60 people. We had lemon leaf tea and some cooked yams at George’s house then she gave us some to take to our boat with some oranges. They knew s/v Chara when we mentioned Bob and Joyce’s boat. We came back to the boat landing about 6pm. Then stopped by Un Passage to advise them of the sevusevu plan as they had just arrived when we went in.

Judy fixed up our fish with panko bread crumbs that George identified from my camera as a Spanish Mackerel. We finished up the yams fried this time with green peas. No Wifi here on the island at all.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Falaga (Falanga) Island, Fiji S 19* 08.9, W 178* 33.9
11:45pm light winds, 78 degrees F

 – s / j –



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