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Code Blue – In Fiji Paradise, but on the Hard October 2, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.
Low Tide Sunset - Recent sunset from Fiji at Vuda Point Marina

Low Tide Sunset – Recent sunset from Fiji at Vuda Point Marina

To Code Blue Folks, 10-3-116

Anyway it seems we’re in paradise but working hard on the boat and even resorted to hire things out in order to get some sailing in to the Yasawas before we head south to NZ again. Still on the hard, Now on jackstands, boat is sanded and pretty well prepped to paint antifoul. We raised the waterline three inches due to scum and slime problems we’ve had at the waterline. Hope this helps. We’ve chosen Transocean ablative (hard type) from Malaysia. Autopilot main has been fixed but now prime & painting the motor case. Hopefully my windvane lower mount leak has been solved as re-caulked it Friday and Saturday. This slow leak caused the autopilot to get rusted and conk out. Now our auxiliary autopilot to the windvane is all setup with three tethers to keep it from falling into the ocean again. and we have another backup tiller just incase. We are replacing the stuffing box hose as it is 15 years old and not looking so good. First time cleaning of the heat exchanger and oil cooler at 3700 eng. hours. I looked at the oil cooler and it was pretty good, but a bunch of salts at the front end of it. I’ll have the valves checked for clearance of exhaust and intake. The move from cyclone hole to jackstands was supposed to be done at 10am and I checked the night before. Finally at 3pm the boat was starting to get on stands. Martin, Job Supervisor said he’s seen 3 days late a few times.

We’re in queue to an electrician to solve our NEMA2000 intermittent problem ( 150 kt wind readings and 120 F temperature readings) that has become more and more of a problem. While back home we sent our Maretron WSO100 weather station back to Maretron to check it out. They tested it for 3 days and then sent a couple reports back about connection problems I’ll enclose as an FYI.
TSA guys for flight baggage checking took two of our 3M Marine Cleaner Wax 1 qt. jugs we had in our cargo baggage, back to Fiji, even though we checked with 3M and they said it was legal for cargo baggage. TSA left a receipt in the bag that they inspected it but didn’t say they took them.
Mosquitoes are a problem for the first time for us in four years since we left Seattle. We have screens up all around now, makes for hotter boat but not as many bites. Wind, mostly on shore in the teens, usually dies in the evening, takes a while to build up in the morning. During the day we sometimes take down some of the screens for better ventilation.


Maretron Info 1 – NEMA 2000 Info (PDF)

Maretron Info 2 – How to Check the Health of NEMA 2000 Cable (PDF)

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue
Blog svcodeblue.wordpress.com
Vuda Point Marina, On jackstands on the hard dirt, Fiji main island on the west side.


1. John and Daleen Reed - October 2, 2016

Enjoy getting your updates. Beautiful picture!!! Don’t work too hard. 🙂
We finally returned to Alaska. We thought of you both aboard Code Blue and Don and Diane aboard Saoirse on our previous trip in 2008. Don and Diane had planned on going with us and we were 150 miles into trip and Don wasn’t himself. John and Don were walking up a ramp and Don turned white and almost past out. He had went to heart dr to have the test his family had ordered explained and received the go ahead on the trip. But something happen in the 2 weeks and John cancelled the trip to Alaska. To make a long story short. Don’s heart is good but he needed to have his main valve replaced. The valve had cracked which caused his symptoms to escalate. He had open heart surgery to replace the valve 6 weeks ago and is doing well and tired of classes and therapy! 🙂 We escorted Saoirse home and after much thought decided to head north. Dr said Don would not have survived the trip. WOW. Good call John.
We ended up going to Alaska seeing many days of bubblenetting humpbacks, glaciers and much more. A small trip compared to your adventure but we are glad we went & safely home and 85% unpacked. Gosh, it was bittersweet for our summer cruise to end but it feels awesome to be home. Back to the real world of responsibilities.
We traveled 2250 miles on our cruise to Alaska going an average of 6 knots. We lived on Omega for 4 months and had a great time and it was nice to keep in touch with your adventures. We met up with friends on their boat Helen Marie the last 3 weeks of our trip in Desolation Sound. . So much fun!!
Lots of pictures to catch up on.
It makes us feel closer to enjoy your adventures.
Happy Fall!
Love you John & Daleen
s/v Omega

2. Marie Jones - October 2, 2016

Paradise sounds like a lot of work. Marie and Greg

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