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s/v Code Blue – New Stuffing Box Hose & Anti-foul Paint October 6, 2016

Posted by captnmike in Code Blue 2016.
Cyclone Hole1 - About 7 weeks

Cyclone Hole1 – About 7 weeks

s/v Code Blue folks, 10-6-16

We are in Fiji at Vuda Point Marina on the west side of the big island. We were hauled out as only $50 USD to be put in a cyclone hole. Special price due to help getting boats to Fiji by the marina because of cyclone Winston, Cat. 5. A long trench pit with vehicle tires used as supports 3 sets on each side. We left Fiji Aug. 13th to go to Seattle for medical check ups and boat parts etc. I thought I could paint the bottom while in the hole when we came back with hired help of $8 per hour. That didn’t work too well so we had to move the boat to jack stands and for the first time I hired antifoul paint help.


While on the stands I also replaced the old Stuffing Box Hose. I had to take off the transmission to allow room to work. The coupler was rusted to the shaft after only a few years since 3-23-13 of putting on a new a propeller shaft to a new coupler in Mexico for $270 USD for propeller shaft, $150 for a new coupler plus 5.5 hrs for $375. The shop in Mazatlan couldn’t figure out a way to get the coupler off the shaft so ended up cutting the shaft off. I was able to use a tool from a shop here. Round plate 1/2″ thick about 6″ in diameter with holes to match my coupler, they drilled new holes. The plate has a large nut welded to the center of the plate on one side with a hole in the middle. You attach the plate to the flat part of the coupling with the welded nut forward on the boat and the four bolts with nuts attached thru the coupler & plate. Attach a wrench to the nut and I set it on the motor mount plate. With a long bolt about 4 or 5″ long, take a long wrench, I used my 1/2″ sized long wrench 16 1/2″ with a big socket to the bolt. Sprayed the coupler on the shaft, back and the set pin holes with WD40. Then turned the long bolt into the welded nut it starts to touch the forward part of the shaft. Pretty soon the shaft comes out but it needed all of the 16 1/2″ length of the long wrench for power. Only took a few minutes say 15 at most once I started turning the long bolt. No leaks when I put the new hose and stuffing box back on. Note I used Tef-Gel on the shaft at the coupling area for next time. Grease would work too. There are two set pins at 90 degs wirelocked, with deep dimples on the shaft, also.

Last night on Wednesday 10-5-16 our time there was a sunset, green flash, that several people at the Sunset Bar saw including Judy. I was in the shower at the time near by with no view.


Steve and Judy

s/v Code Blue
Vuda Point Marina, Viti Levu, Fiji (main island on the west side)

 – s / j –


1. Barbara Emel - October 6, 2016

The season of the hurricanes, be safe you two!!! It was lovely to see you both at the reunion!

2. Russ Cudmore - October 6, 2016

Steve & Judy
Thanks for up date stay safe from the typhoon
East coast of FL & GA are preping for Cat 4 or 5 hurricane Matthew now expected to hit Friday & sat
Do you ever expect to be back in Seattle for good and just sail the west coast?
Stay well; stay safe
Best Regards
Russ Cudmore

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