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s/v Cove Blue – Musket Cove November 2, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.
MC Sunset - Musket Cove Sunset

MC Sunset – Musket Cove Sunset

To Code Blue followers, 11-2-16

We finally left Vuda Point Marina, Fiji; 10-29-15 now in Musket Cove with mostly sailing, 18 miles to get here. Great sunset, mango ice cream cone and a beer on the 29th.
Got our:

1) Autopilot for main steering quadrant is working but first it said “ERROR 34”, only two 400 degree laps to calibrate the compass and a few more steps in increasing wind and swell conditions. This increased our mileage to Musket Cove, but turned out great.

2) Stuffing box — I tried to get a normal third layer in but didn’t make it, so it was getting too hot, too fast due to over tightening the stuffing material. Finally better but still a ways to go.

3) Fridge/freezer is finally doing good with new Schrader valve assembly replaced on the fill port, it had a medium leak in it before and then a new temp sensor bulb needed replacing. $264 on this last try on 27th, and another $349 FJD on Oct. 7th when I took out the quick connects. Seems good now. But I said that in Whangarei, NZ to the tune of $266.50 NZD on 12-4 and 12-10-15 when they fixed the quick connects with O-rings.

4) Replaced cracked and non working bow navigation light. I was helping Judy board the boat at the bow and boat momentum carried the lens into the dock due to tide height. Found out later it was bad already with other small cracks and corroded socket for the bulb.

5) After launching this time also got the leaky oil cooler replaced on the main Yanmar engine. Also valve adjustment, de-limed heat exchanger, and new stuffing box hose.

6) Weather station (wind etc.) is working fine but I think just a temporary condition.

7) And all this started with doing some anti-foul painting the hull after our trip back to and from Seattle.

We’re on a mooring here in Musket Cove of 55 feet deep and set our alarm for 20m, 25m, 40m, 60m and now 80 meters (distance from the anchor) due to alarm kept going off in the middle of the night/early morning. We were going for safety but ended up with way less sleep. At least we didn’t have a buoy failure and Mayday call, like s/v Columbo II, 45′ had at 2am outside at Vuda Point quarantine mooring when we came into Denarau nearby on early morning of August 7th.

Put in new faucet with single lever in forward sink area. Went to a couple of Fiji villages nearby, 20 minutes by dinghy. We went to a buffet dinner at Plantation Island Resort, poured rain most of the time when we got there at 6pm. We gave up at 9pm and went back to the boat in pouring rain. Here’s Judy with her garbage bag rain suit.

Steve and Judy
s/v Code Blue

– s / j –



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