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s/v Code Blue – Status Report Crossing from Fiji to NZ November 10, 2016

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2016.

[position] 20 23S, 175 17E
[heading] 190M
[speed] 5-6 kt
[weather] 10-20 kt, ESE, 50% cc, 1012, 1-2m
[status] winds variable speed, all well on board
Temperature 75 to 72 F.
Winds have been mostly 10 to 24 at most. Sometimes down less for a while.

Judy’s shift of 4 1/2 hours not the best, Heidi not holding, up and down winds, sail changes. Slower boat. Now 3am local, 14:00 UTC so my turn. So far enough time to do a report. We’ve been chatting with other boats at 6pm and 9am on 8.173 Mhz on SSB radio. We left a day earlier than other boats Rewa and Sequoia from Fiji to NZ, but they are faster and longer. Our mileage has been decent at 126 and 123 miles. 63 miles for last 12 hrs. 3778 trip odometer with 316 miles for the trip. Silhouette waiting for 20th or so.

Reef Ceva-i-Ra near by at 22.8 miles in the middle of the night to the north east now. Too far away to get close to to check it out and of course in the middle of the dark. Moon is out pretty good now but too cloudy on Judy’s shift to see much. No fish so far. I’ve upped my strength on the lures with heavy wire leader, then 12 foot 200 lb. mono-filament line then 50 feet of mono 200 lb on one side and black nylon line on the other side. Lost two lures with less strength while coming out. Now no fish. Even boobies are not going for the lures so far and not many of those. Pretty lonely out here now, no AIS targets or VHF chatter. VHF radio chatter on Channel 16 gets pretty bad in Fiji at Vuda Point due to all the resorts calling their boats and they don’t give the boats time to respond. They keeping calling time after time after time until they respond.

Judy’s fixed up a bunch of meals in the freezer so doing great on the food front. Glad the fridge/freezer has been fixed we hope now. Power has been pretty good with sun until today with more cloudiness so we’re down 125 amp hours for the night and started with -72 AHs at dusk.

Fair Winds,
Steve and Judy
Code Blue



1. Ronald C Collins - November 10, 2016

Ron-Helen wish we were there with you two

2. Marie & Greg - November 10, 2016

Loud and clear. Safe travels. Marie & Greg

3. John & Daleen Reed - November 15, 2016

Thinking of you both always and even more with the earthquake. We did get a message you both are okay but wanted to let you know you are in our thoughts. How are you both!!
Love, John & Daleen

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