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Code Blue – Cape Reinga and Our Trip North March 24, 2017

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue 2017.

LH Cape Reinga – Lighthouse Cape Reinga, the view you get from near the parking lot.

Code Blue – Cape Reinga and Our Trip North

We started off from Whangarei March 4th to the northland as we haven’t
covered this area at all. We stayed at Matauri Bay camp after a lot of
driving north. The next morning we went around to a bunch of beaches.
Sometimes they aren’t easy to get to as gravel roads and bumpy. We managed
to get to 6 different beaches some facing north, south, east and west. To
me they looked pretty much the same but Judy liked them. We then stayed at
the furthest north Top Ten Holiday Park, Whatuwhiwhi on the 5th. Later we
learn it is pronounced Fat-too-fee-fee. We proceed to Cape Reinga on the

ANTS – We visited Cape Reinga with a lighthouse that’s mostly the northern
most location on the North Island. Really there is a spot called North
Cape that is further north but not many people go there. We see it from
Cape Reinga. Then we went to Houhora Heads Motor Park as the one we
visited on the way to the cape didn’t look so good. Got in the campground
and looked at the map and chose # 5 camp site. We drive there and noticed
it’s behind a hill to get to the kitchen shower area. We fix dinner and
notice one burner in the kitchen works out of only 4. Another in the BBQ
area, one works out of three. The other two sort of work but get your pans
all sooty and only burn part way, less than 1/2 way around. Signs all over
indicate showers not working. You turn water knobs off and they start
again, you have to turn them off again to stay off. Freezers are full of
frost due to air leaks, even though emptied weekly on Friday. That night
we were talking to a guy eating fish alone. I asked him if he caught the
fish and he said yes. He caught 3 snapper in an hour. While talking he
slipped and a big hunk of snapper fell on the floor. I was thinking of
asking if it was OK for me to taste but then he kicked it away while I was
getting up the gumption to ask. He left in a while and I noticed ants
converged on the snapper so I grabbed some paper towels and cleaned up the
mess and put it in the garbage. Still ants converged on the cooking oil
stains on the concrete and I missed a few small scraps of snapper.

Back at the #5 camp spot, I moved the van closer to the hill in front of us
to level out the sleeping area. The next morning it’s cloudy. I notice
what seems to be ants crawling across my back so I flick off the imaginary
ants and continue to wake up. Later I start reading. Judy wakes up and
asks what time it is for the second time. Now 8:05am. We look across
toward the alarm clock and notice many streams of ants crawling across the
window ledge. The imaginary ants don’t see so imaginary now as I swat at
some more and look down to see ants streaming by on my window ledge side
too. I crawl out and look around to see where they are coming from. In
the front of the van long blades of grass are against the bumper and waves
of ants are climbing up the bumper into the motor area and finally into the
van. I back up the van but it’s way too late. They’ve been at it all
night long we think based on all the ants in the van. At breakfast I
notice the small scraps of snapper are all gone.

We head north to drive on 90 Mile Beach, really it’s more like 90 kilometer
beach. We get down to the beach with the van and drive a ways south then
back north. Further south we drive on the same beach from another access
road. You could drive from one access to another but watch out for high
tide and swampy sand from creeks and such. Vehicles have been suck many
times. Our van is just a two wheel drive model.

The weather is supposed to get really wet for several days so we decided to
head back to Whangarei. Good thing as it pours at several points as we
head south. We make it back in time for the Tuesday Happy Hour at the Love
Mussel restaurant. The next several days are heavy rain days.

Steve and Judy
Whangarei, NZ (presently we are in Auckland finishing up our tour of
things we missed of the North Island in the middle area.)


 – s/j-




1. Diana - March 24, 2017

I enjoy your descriptions of traveling around NZ. I’m sure I told you I lived there for a year plus about 50 years ago and traveled all over the country on a motor scooter. I never got as far as Cape Reinga but I thought one of the most interesting things I read about it is that is where when the tide changes you can see the disturbance caused by the two bodies of water meeting, the Pacific Ocean on the east and the Tasman Sea on the west. It is also evident but not so visible between the North and South Island. Even Auckland publishes two separate tides for the day, one for Waitemata Harbor and one for Manukau Harbor. Fu stuff to know about.
Love, Diana

2. Marie & Greg - March 24, 2017

Thanks for the tour and great photos. ANTS…please leave them there!
Marie & Greg

3. Ronald C Collins - March 24, 2017

Hey Captain Dauzy/Judy,
Where are you now? Ever get tired of traveling?
Us, We are tired for all the rain in Seattle! We need some fun in the sun. Lucky you!


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