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Schooner Cove and Winds still Up August 31, 2010

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‘8-30-10 Monday – Mileage to Schooner Cove total is 691.8 so 16.4 miles for the day. We spent some time on the internet then went for about a 7 km hike around the golf course, parks and neighborhood. We saw 33 deer of which 5 had antlers for sure. Two of them were four points and many fawns. Lots of blackberries to pick but some out of our reach. If the blackberry bushes were not close to water the berries were very small due to the drought that is evident here. Lots of signs with no campfires, no smoking etc. and of course very dry plants and such. The thought was to head across the Straits of Georgia as we have a coupon for Bowen Island, north of Vancouver, but the weather forecast is for increasing wind that was supposed to start happening today but didn’t. They said up to 15 in most areas and 20 at Qualicum Beach. It was 5 kts at the most where ever you looked. We’ll see if they revise it tomorrow. We’ll head out early to Nanaimo in the morning as the forecast says increasing winds by noon on Tuesday.
‘8-31-10 Still at Schooner Cove. The increasing winds and heavy rain started last night. Winds from the south at 25+ still at 3:15pm. It looks pretty rough out on Georgia Strait because of the long fetch it has. About 13 miles to Nanaimo from here. I called Nanaimo Yacht Club and they are low on space as boats haven’t left the area due to the high winds. They are open until 9pm tonight so not a problem getting a key for in and out. NYC will check their docks and I’ll call later. The guys here say it won’t die down probably until the winds clock around from the north. Weather guys say 10 to 15 later this afternoon but not happening so far.
Steve and Judy
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Code Blue Broughtons 2010 August 10, 2010

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue in the Broughtons 2010.
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I haven’t had time to write a bunch so mostly these are just the simple fact items. We’re traveling with some boat buddies of ours, Alan and Wendy on Bluefin, and Dan and Billie on Dark Star.

7-28-10 9am working on putting in a new 10 gal hot water heater due to leakage in the old one. Took us, Joe Sporcic and I, 12 hours to get in the new one. Just want to thank Joe a whole bunch for helping to get this puppy in. Way better for showers and washing dishes now that we have 10 gals with a water temp mixer. The rest of the night we packed up the boat with more stuff. Finally left in the morning.

7-29-10 5:16am left dock, odm 12817.4; 5:55am out lock. Visibility good but later a bit foggy some wind from south and on a beam. Foulweather Bluff vis better now 8:50am. Prevost Harbor anchor up with Blue Fin, Dark Star, Whisper. 32.4’ depth, 48 40.676, 123 11.703, Ehs 2025.0, odm 12,898.6, Trip 76.0. Set crab pots but nothing.