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Toba Wildernest Resort & Toba Tabla August 27, 2010

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue in the Broughtons 2010.
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‘8-26-10 We sailed twice for a total 0f 10.7 miles up Homfray Channel, then met winds on our nose and sailed a while more. Finally motored for trip 592.2, for 22.8 miles at Toba Wildernest Resort. Very interesting power plant with about 200 feet of head on a Turgo wheel. It was out of operation due to no rain for a long time finally and full cabins. He has a 30 KW diesel as a backup to his 30 KW hydro plant. After the cabins empty out he can go back to using his hydro power. So far he has used diesel for 8 days this year. He does use propane for the shower system that is four loonies. The dock is in an “L” shape with 50 and 160 feet and no protection of a log boom or anything. White caps and rough water were near the dock when we came in. We moored on the inside. Later it settled down. A nice trail to the waterfall and source for the hydro power. We failed to notice until too late, 9pm, that his spotty internet needs a password. I mean we are in the middle of nowhere and they have a password that no one told us about or is noted in the office. I tried calling on 66a several times and used the intercom system at the office. No response. When we came in we tried calling on 66a and 16 with no response then too. I did notice he had the radio on 66a while he was showing the place to us. This is their 7th year here after seeing a For Sale sign. When we got to the waterfall rain started coming down for a while. A big rainbow came out with the sunshine. You could see the second rainbow also. We walked the trails and picked blackberries. Boaters can’t use the hot tub, only cabin people. He took some of the cabin people out fishing for the evening. No fish but did get a nice batch of prawns from a trap earlier set. Some logging equipment and tools are staged around the property. Paul Russell, the guy from Shelton with “Ellie K” that gave us a ride into Gorge Harbour was here a few days and ago and told Judy about the place. In 1792 there was a ‘Toba Tabla’ remarked on by Europeans that was about 4 feet by 7 1/2 feet made of wood with drawings on it and such in this area. See http://www.nickdoe.ca/pdfs/Webp28c.pdf or Google “Toba Tabla”. Some what interesting read and the picture/drawing is interesting too.

‘8-27-10 Flat calm out this morning. It was raining earlier, now no rain. I reached Kyle at 7:30am and he gave me the code over the radio on 66a. Float plane came in about 8am to pick up some cabin people.



s/v Code Blue – Shark Spit Regatta & Gorge Harbour August 25, 2010

Posted by steveandjudy in Code Blue in the Broughtons 2010.
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‘8-22-10 Finished laundry, got some groceries then headed to the dock were we saw the winds had kicked up to 15-20 kts. We put the laundry in big plastic bags that we had brought for rain protection, not wave protection. We headed out to the boat about a mile away. Right away water came into the dingy, and the bags went floating inside the dingy. We got to Code Blue and our laundry was dry but we were soaked mostly on one side from wind and waves. We sailed to Gorge Harbour part of the way then the winds died and motored. After anchoring in the harbour we ate a fast meal and there was a guitarist, Stephanie DeFresne, out on the deck and grass area. We brought wine and cushions, she played from 7:30 to about 9:15pm. They were ballad songs of her own writing and composition. She had two CD’s available but I left my wallet at the boat as it was in the drying out stage. Since the last time we were here three years ago they have put in new docks, ramps, swimming pool and patio brickwork on the lawn. Lots of boats are on the docks. Weather is nice today. I’m having sign in problems as they use a user name and password here. Trip 547.8